#Blogtober17 : Day 26 : Zoo


It took me a while to realise that #Blogtober17 was the letters of the alphabet for the first 26 days, but I’ve made it through the alphabet and its Z today for zoo. I’m not a fan of zoos as I feel uncomfortable with animals being locked in a confined area. However, we do enjoy visiting Longleat safari park which I’m more relaxed about because of the vast areas the animals have to roam and graze in. Each year, we have a weekend away in Longleat, we buy a two day ticket and then stay in a local hotel overnight. I really enjoy the two day trip, the first morning is spent at the safari park in our car and then in the afternoon, we visit the attractions in the main part. On the second day, we start with the bat cave and river cruise for the gorillas, hippos and seals, in both attractions the animals are really animated. Later in the day, we go on the double decker bus around the safari park. In both vehicles you get very different views of the animals, neither is better, simply different.

At the safari park, my favourite animals are the giraffes and you can get up very close to them on the viewing platform where you can feed them at set times too. I love the patterns on their fur and the way they move, it always reminds me of the children’s classic book Giraffes Can’t Dance. I am also amused that they have blue tongues. The tigers and lions are a treat too but surprisingly I’m really quite taken by the bats. If you go first thing in the morning you can watch them eat their fruit and up close they are fascinating creatures.

I am interested by the conservation work being done at Longleat, there are lots of examples of projects throughout the park and it all helps to make Longleat a fantastic place to visit.



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