#blogtober17 : Day 21 : Unusual Crushes


I have two celebrity crushes which have lasted for many years, one I think is quite mainstream in the gorgeous Jon Bon Jovi but my admiration of the comedian Alan Davies always raises a smile.  There is a connection between the two,  I loved their long hair in their younger years ( I had a passing crush on the comedian Rob Newman for the same reason)  Both men have a little twinkle in their eye too.


I have been fortunate enough to see Bon Jovi live at Wembley in 1995 (best concert ever) and Jonnie, as I like to call him, was amazing. Around this time I went to Madame Tussaud and had a photo taken with Jonnie’s wax work, I’m gutted I lost it in a house move.


My crush on Alan Davies has been more through the medium of tv, I watch him and imagine that he would be a funny and relaxed companion.  I don’t need the magic of Jonathon Creek but the wit and conversation of qi.

I’m joining in with day 21 of #blogtober17



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