#blogtober17 : Day 19 : Secrets


I can keep a secret and because of this I have had many secrets and confidences shared with me, some are exciting and happy news, some worrying, others challenge my values, some are trivial, others life changing but for all, I do respect the secret, even if I’m bursting to share!  If I’m quiet on a night out with friends it’s probably beacause I know something I’m not supposed to and have to think before speaking (always tricky!)

Personally, I try not to have secrets, although I have one which I will share later.  We are very open with the children about their adoption, we’ve never kept it a secret and will answer any questions honestly but age appropriately.

However I do have one secret from my friends and family and it is my online identity.  Mr S knows I write online and that I use Twitter, he knows it’s my little project and makes me happy.  If he asked for the address or twitter handle I would share it as there is nothing written here that I wouldn’t want him to see, I just prefer it to be private. I feel I can write more openly without those closest to me reading my posts and tweets, I’m a very private person and feel more comfortable writing this way.  So that’s my little secret, I’m looking forward to the #blogtober17 posts for today as I’m intrigued  by the little secrets we keep.



4 thoughts on “#blogtober17 : Day 19 : Secrets

    1. As well as being comfortable with myself, our adoption makes it essential to be anonymous. It can be frustrating if we’ve had a fabulous day out close by and I can’t give details. I also never get to post photos of our beautiful children. You do get used to the anonymity.

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