#blogtober17 : Day 15 : Old Photos

I’ve always loved old photos and have always been the one in the family to collect our old family pictures. When I was younger I enjoyed researching my family history and liked to put faces to the names. I’ve tried to write names and approx years on my photos to help future generations. I’m also quite creative so for big birthday celebrations will put a few old photos together to make decorations.

These old photos are of my grandparents, on the left are my Nan and Grandad from London and on the right my Grandma and Gramps from Scotland. I love how these images show them in a life I didn’t know as young and carefree adults and then with young families. My Grandma is in the dark suit with a friend in Glasgow and they look so happy enjoying their day out, my Gran and Ina were friends until they both died in their 80s, that’s friendship goals! I’ve not been able to find out much about my Gramps in the war when he was in the Air Force, rumour is that he was based near to where we live now which would be lovely if true. He looks so handsome in this photo. My Nanny and Granddad also look so stylish in their 1920s clothes ( photo circa late 20s) I’ve always been so impressed by their courage and spirit living in London during the Blitz. These photos are very special to me, wonderful insights into history and my family.


6 thoughts on “#blogtober17 : Day 15 : Old Photos

    1. There’s something comforting about seeing my grandparents and family smiling in old photos. I never got to meet my mother in law and I like that we have photos of her around the house.

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