#Blogtober17 : Day 13 : Movies

This picture is from the website cinematreasures.org.  It is dated July 10th 1992, exactly the period when I worked at this cinema and yes I remember the films, The player was a very clever  film, the Lawnmower man creepy and Sleepwalkers all about vampires.


Its #Blogtober17 day 13 and the prompt is movies.   Despite Sky cinema, Netflix etc.. I think the best way to watch a film is at a cinema, the big screen, sound and atmosphere cannot be beaten. When I was a student, I used to be an usherette at our local Odeon cinema and it was one of the best jobs I ever had. I worked in the early 90s at the cinema, so I’m pretty good on films from this era in pub quizzes! Everything about working at a cinema was great, the films, staff and fantastic perks for after work, free taxi home, free entry into night clubs, we often had a good night out after work! I loved my colleagues, the young ones for some cracking nights out but also I really appreciated chatting to the old projectionists and usherettes, some of whom had worked at the cinema for 40 years, I learnt so much about film and the industry from them. My favourite film ever is Cinema Paradiso and I was lent it by these staff, the projectionist in the film is so like the three projectionists who I used to work with and who were all so wise and lovely. With my interest in cinema I often got to help do extra little jobs and one perk was watching the press previews of films, the best preview was The Commitments, a film I still love. It was great working when a big new film came out, the screen would be buzzing and the audience reaction great, two of the best films for reactions were Silence of the Lambs and Terminator 2, you would always get a cheer when Arnie said ‘I’ll be back.’ One Easter the Jungle Book was on re-release and one showing proved to be one of the most fun screenings ever, the audience all sang along to the songs and all cheered at the end. You don’t get that from watching a film at home.


I still love going to see the cinema, not the big multiplexes but those in town centres run by the Odeon (loyalty to a fantastic employer) or small independents. I still get the same buzz from seeing a big film and a trip to the cinema is always a big treat.


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