#Blogtober17 : Day 11 : My Kitchen


My kitchen is my happy place in our home. It is cosy, light and comforting and it’s the room where I spend most of my time, I do the normal kitchen chores here, but I also use the table to sew on, help the children with their homework, write up blog posts, do crafts or spread my newspaper across the table and enjoy every section. I spend time in the kitchen doing my happy things, I love baking and cooking and my kitchen is full of gadgets and accessories. The radio is always playing in my kitchen too, nothing beats a little kitchen disco.

We have transformed our kitchen since we moved into the house in 2004, we’ve had an extension and part of the original kitchen is now a shower room. I am so proud of the design and how it fits our family life perfectly. My one vision in designing the kitchen was that I wanted the table to be the centre piece, the table where we sit as a family for meals, do homework and play. By this table, we have a window which looks out onto the front garden and which I decorate for every special occasion. Another special request with our kitchen design was a tall thin cupboard for my brushes, steam cleaner and ironing board, it’s the little things which make me happy!

I love the special touches in my kitchen which personalise our space, there’s Gromit who keeps me company and gets dressed up for special occasions too. My lightbox is so much fun and changes with the events and themes of the week. I have my drawer full of baking goodies, moulds, cutters, and a bright cutting board with colourful knives. I also add colour with a variety of season coloured bunting.

So the kitchen is my happy place where I get to do my favourite things, bake, cook, eat, dance and write either on my own or with my friends and family.





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