#blogtober17 : Day 9 : Ice cream


We are live in a beautiful small seaside resort, known for its timelessness and traditional seaside customs.  Ice cream is therefore a big thing in our town and there are a number of excellent local ice cream parlours where fresh ice cream is made on site.  I never have ice cream in the freezer at home, ice cream is always a treat for the beach and a chance to sample the most amazing flavours.  Whilst I am a total chocoholic  I prefer a fruitier flavour in an ice cream although this can be complemented by a little chocolate,e.g. raspberry and white chocolate. I like that I never know what is going to be on offer at the counter, the ice cream is made daily and offers a huge variety, it’s unusual to have the same flavour twice!

Ice cream is always a treat, it may be our (slightly unhealthy) snack as we play on the beach but it’s fun and yummy.   I love that we have a little tradition that our special reward at the end of the first day of the school year is always a trip to the ice cream parlour and I’m hoping this will continue to college days.

Along with fish and chips, ice cream is one of those special seaside foods and I’m grateful to live somewhere where I can indulge my love of  ice cream.

Fresh, locally produced ice creams, how can I possibly resist?



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