Lykke, Strictly and Muffins #littleloves


I’m finishing this week feeling a little sad, it’s been a tough week for Little Man at school which I wrote about here However it has reminded me of the importance for looking for the joys and sparkles in every day, there always special things if you look.


Last year I enjoyed the Little Book of Hygge so I have bought the follow up The Little Book of Lykke. Like Hygge I think that much of the content is perhaps things that we already know, do or aspire to do but it’s a nice read with inspiring case studies.


I’ve been read some of the World’s Worst Children 2 this week, it’s not only me Little Miss reads to, her toys are all lined up in bed to listen attentively too.


I also read a lovely email from a friend this week, we may not see each other as much as we would like to, but she’s an exceptionally generous and lovely friend. Excitingly this week, we’ve set a date for a weekend together and I’m already counting the days down!


Whilst it was only the launch show, it was the return of Strictly Come Dancing. This is my absolute joy and I love everything about Strictly; the music, dance, make-up and hair, the sparkle and glamour. I am so excited for the new series and of course, the return of Zoe on It Takes Two. As well as Strictly, Cold Feet was back again, another old favourite. It seemed like a bit of a catch up episode but sowed the seeds for some good storylines through the series and as always it had a cracking soundtrack.


As Sunday was such a wet and miserable afternoon, we chose an old Nigella recipe to inspire some baking with lemon and raspberry muffins. The Domestic Goddess continues to be one of my favourite cook books and the muffins were delicious and so quickly consumed I forgot to take a photo.img_5384


It was the last craft fayre of the season this weekend and having missed the big county show this year I wanted to visit my favourite jewellery stall for a little treat. Each year I buy a little something from the same silver stall, my daisy, flip flop, heart pendants have all come from here. This year I chose a delicate flower and branch to go on my necklace. I’m really pleased with my choice as I love simple silver designs.


Folk music! It was festival this weekend so there was lots of music and dancing all over the town. There was live outdoor music in the evenings too and on Friday and Saturday night I could hear the music from the bay as I lay in bed, it’s a nice way to end the day.


It’s a party weekend and as it’s at a venue in a different town, I think Little Miss and I will be looking for a little café for lunch together whilst Little Man enjoys the party with his pals. Apart from the party it’s a quiet weekend which I think is needed after an emotional week, we need time to enjoy the little things together.

Thanks to Morgana for her inspirational linkie.



7 thoughts on “Lykke, Strictly and Muffins #littleloves

  1. So sorry your little boy is having a tough time at school. I just read your post and my heart broke for him. It must be horrible at that age to be separated from your friends, even if it will help in the long run. Glad they have put things in place to try to make him feel more included with the rest of the class. It sounds like they are great with him. He does sound truly amazing though.

    I’ve been reading the Lykke book too. Like you say, it’s hardly anything new, but makes for a good read. Those muffins sound pretty amazing! Hope you have a lovely weekend x

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words they really are appreciated. Forest school was fantastic and he loved it so we got to end the week on a high. I think the next few weeks may be a little tough for us all.
      Hope you’re having s good weekend and once again, thank you x

  2. This was the first time I have been watching strictly and getting paired up I think I might watch the whole series. I know where have I been hiding. Loved the Lykke book need to read the hygge one now. Totally backwards I know. As you can tell I am always late to the party.

    1. Don’t think if it as being late to the party but simply making a detour! There’s plenty of things I’m yet to discover too, I’ve never seen Games of Thrones or the Gilmore Girls. Hope you’re having a good week x

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