Beach days, school reading books and family visits #littleloves


It’s been a wonderful final week of the holidays, the sun has (finally) shone brightly and our little seaside town has been packed with happy day trippers and holiday makers, especially on bank holiday weekend. Our town needs these busy weekends to thrive and survive so we’re grateful for sunny days! We have been on the beach most days this week, determined to eek out every bit of summer fun that we can. We’ve also had family down this week and having lunch al fresco in a delightful sea front cafe was just gorgeous. Somehow in between the beach visits, we’ve also managed to squeeze in school shoe shopping and school haircuts, so we’re ready to go back to school next week.


I’m in the back to work groove this week and have been doing some professional reading. To counter this serious reading I’ve really appreciated ‘Spectacles’ by Sue Perkins, we’re a similar age so lots of the cultural references and experiences are similar to my own, whilst the family tales are ones we can all relate to. The memoir is written in an amusing style that keeps you reading and smiling.

I also read a lovely article about women in their 40s and 50s and how we’re now described as perennials. Once you’ve looked past the initial glossy photos of unbelievably glamorous, stylish and young looking women in their 40s it’s an excellent and inspiring read.



I’ve watched our living room and hallways being transformed this week as we are having them redecorated. We had hoped to move but in a quiet housing market, we’ve decided to improve our house, not for a future sale but for us. Whilst we’re in the middle of the project, there’s no new pictures yet but I’m excited with the progress. The decorators are the neatest I’ve ever known, I’m sure my house is tidier than when they began!

I’ve made lots of sand castles this week and helped the children create their seaside cafe with sand food sculptures. It’s amazing how imaginative the children can be with their games on the beach.

Shorts, swimming costumes, sunglasses and sun tan lotion yippee! It’s going to be a shock returning to work clothes next week. However on my lightning trip to big town (the journey was longer than our shopping trip) I did pick up this new dress for work from Fat Face to be styled with leggings and pumps, it’ll make me feel confident on our first day back. It’s also one of those dresses which looks a lot better on than in the photo below and best of all it has pockets, essential for pens, keys etc.. and all the other accessories a teacher carries around.


Town has been buzzing this week and there really has been that happy hum all around, the giggles on the beach, the sound of Punch and Judy, the call of the sea gulls, squeals as the first toes feel the water etc.. It’s such a lovely sound, happy people.

So that’s it now, the summer holidays are over. Whilst I like the fresh start and excitement of a new school year, I’ll miss the relaxed, family days we’ve shared this holiday. At this time of year, more than at any other, I feel the passing of time but try to see it positively and to look forward to new adventures.

Many thanks to Morgana for this lovely linkie and all those who write and inspire.



14 thoughts on “Beach days, school reading books and family visits #littleloves

  1. Love that Fat Face dress! And yay, pockets, haha. I’ve had Spectacles on my “to buy” list for ages because I looove Sue. Might have to take the plunge and purchase it now. It does feel really sad that the summer holidays are over – now it’ll get dark and cold. Oh well, at least I love autumn. Hope you have a great weekend 🙂

    1. I got Spectacles 👓 on offer on Amazon, for either 99p or £1.99 well worth the read, Sue is brilliant, honest and so relatable. I always loved Light Lunch 🍴 in my student days! Hope you have a great weekend too x

  2. Love the print on your new dress! I have been wanting to read Spectacles, but got so many books stacked up at the moment, I am going to have to wait. Hope you have a wonderful week. Popping over from #littleloves

  3. I love your dress! Its nice to have something new to ease the back to work transition isn’t it? How exciting that you’re having some rooms redecorated, I look forward to seeing how they turn out! x #LittleLoves

    1. I’ve come home from work tonight to papered walls, it’s so exciting and I’m so pleased with the paper. I had a little wobble after choosing it but it looks fantastic I’ll post in next week’s #littleloves Hope your week is going well

  4. Apart from the weather at the moment I love this time year it feel so exciting and although I am sad to say goodbye to summer I LOVE autumn. I bet it is so wonderful living near the beach, we live in the country which i suppose is similar in terms of open space and beautiful views and I love it. Our house is currently for sale and it really feels like life is in limbo so i get you renovating instead x

    1. Good luck with the house sale, it’s so difficult to try and make plans as you wait for things to proceed. How’s country life, we’re quite rural too which is lovely for outdoor life. Are you planning to still live in the country?

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