Cornwall 2017


When we were planning our summer holiday for this year, we decided we wanted to explore our country . We have a beautiful country and need to celebrate and share our culture. (Reading back I should like to stress that I’m still mourning Brexit, you can love our country and the world around us!) We chose Cornwall quite simply because I wanted to go back to the Eden project. I loved it when we visited in 2005 and have wanted to return since, 12 years and two children later, I finally got my wish this summer and it didn’t disappoint. We picked the south of Cornwall as Mr S and I had a lovely holiday in St Ives in 2000 so were keen to be in this area for this holiday, with its beautiful beaches, little shops, art galleries and lovely little restaurants. Of course I was remembering a holiday pre children and I didn’t get much opportunity to mooch around the shops and art galleries this time.  However, I would like to plan a child free weekend to appreciate these things again.

We stayed at a Haven caravan park, Riviere Sands. Its location was ideal, right on the beach and we had a sea view from our caravan.  The beach was beautiful, miles and miles of soft sand.  I ran several mornings and it was wonderful to run on the wet sand for miles and appreciate the views of Caris Bay and St Ives.  The location of the caravan park means its a quiet beach as its quite difficult to get to apart from via the park.  The day we were on the beach at St Ives it was much busier.  The facilities at the caravan park were good, it had an indoor and outdoor pool and outdoor water slide, crazy golf, go karts and a variety of activities, water and land based organised in the leisure hub.  There was also evening entertainment, we tended to stay just for the children’s show and disco but one of the highlights of the holiday was winning music bingo on the first night.  We won so many prizes, a huge toy tiger who took up a seat in the car, hoodies, bubble machines, magic straws, bubble magic, light toys, the children were ecstatic and couldn’t believe their prizes.  I couldn’t believe we won, I don’t think I’ve ever won a game of bingo before! We did a number of activities on site, crazy golf was fun and despite Mr S’ disbelief and checking my adding up, I won.  The children both did some activities in the pool, aqua jets and gliders which they loved, they were £8 and £4 respectively but well worth the money.  The pool was really nice to swim in, heated to a comfortable temperature and well supervised, we swam everyday both inside and out.


Our caravan was so kitsch, I loved it,  from the lollipop curtains, Twister lolly cushions it just screamed holidays.  Our rooms had bed linen with seaside scenes and all furnishings were colourful and bright.  It had a clean, good sized bathroom and the kitchen had everything we might need.  I really liked our little base, it felt like a holiday and also showed how little you need to have a good time.

Over the week, as expected for a British holiday, the weather was mixed, with some lovely weather and some cloudy, damp days.  The worst were the day we arrived and the day before we left, on the first day we just went swimming, did the food shopping and entertained ourselves inside the caravan  whilst on the Sunday, we went to a nearby town to watch a film and then did swimming in the afternoon by which time the rain had passed.  We wanted to make the most of our location on the beach so most days were spent on the beach and in the pool, we had two days out in St Ives and the Eden project.

We last went to the Eden project in April 2005 (the week Pope John Paul died, its surprising what you remember!) I loved it, not simply the content, but the philosophy and ethos behind the project, its one of the few millennium projects which has a lasting legacy.  I really wanted the children to experience it and understand the importance of sustainability, conservation and protecting our planet, pretty tough aims for an 8 and 9 year old.  However they loved it and learnt so much from it, I’ve been pleasantly surprised how they have discussed what they saw, especially in the ‘rain jungle’ dome.  There was also a space theme to the project this summer and there was a terrific trip around the solar system in the arena, you got to be on every planet and it was so well done.  There were lots of space activities all over the site which were enjoyed by us all.  I was amazed at how the site has developed over the years, I got the children to pose in the same spot where Mr S and I had photos taken on our original visit and where the bare land is now full of gardens and colour, without the domes the photos would have been incomparable. I cannot wait to return to Eden and as the tickets last a year I’m hoping we may be able to fit in a weekend away in the next 12 months to appreciate it again (and make more use of our £71 ticket!)

Whilst St Ives was as lovely as I remembered, it was busy, busy, busy on the day we went.  We split into girls and boys to do a little shopping trip but the crowds made this a little uncomfortable, you were queuing to get in and out of some shops.  However I did get to visit Poppy Treffy an online gift shop which I love and have bought a number of items from, it was so nice to be in the shop and see everything, I may have bought one or two Christmas presents here, its never too early to start.  We spent most of our time in St Ives on the beach, it was a lovely day and with a sea rescue display from the coastguards and RNLI there was plenty to see.  We also enjoyed some Cornish pasties for lunch, when in Cornwall..

Cornwall was a great holiday destination, the weather was as expected but I loved returning to Eden and enjoying the beautiful, golden beaches.  We made lots of happy, family memories. So that’s Cornwall ticked off our places to visit in Britain, where next?



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