Morph, a Ferris wheel and new perfume #littleloves

So it’s been my favourite week of the year, it’s carnival week and with my birthday and wedding anniversary falling this week too, it’s a happy time for our family. Mr S has been working away for a few days so the children and I amused ourselves with a little road trip to Weston Super Mare, Bristol and Cardiff. I lived in Cardiff in my early twenties and love the city so it was lovely to go back and spend a day there with the children, it’s such a vibrant place. We enjoyed time at the Dino baby exhibition and then at Cardiff Bay where I got to ride on a Ferris wheel which made me so happy!

I received this book as a birthday gift and finished it in a few days, it is so good and a book which you reflect on days after finishing it. It’s the story of a young woman who makes a kind gesture and the effect in has on her life. It’s sad and uplifting and it makes you want to hug the heroine and wish her well, definitely one of the best reads of the year.

It’s carnival week with lots of highlights. On Saturday night, we watched the impressive fireworks on the beach and then on Sunday cheered on the floats in the parade. I love this weekend when town is full of colour, noise and families.

When we were in Bristol we visited the Morph exhibition fundraising for the Bristol Children’s Hospital. It was excellent and a really interactive exhibition, we made a Morph from plasticine and a little animation film. I used to love Take Hart and Morph when I was little so it was fun to make my own little Morph.

As a birthday treat my mum took me to the Jo Malone counter to choose a new perfume. What a choice and so difficult to choose my scent. In the end it was between French Lime and the Lime, basil and mandarin scents, I chose the latter and have loved wearing it this week, it’s a lovely, light summery smell.

During carnival there is lots of live music and the sound reflects around the bay, in the evenings and I can hear it late at night in bed, a sound of summer nights. I’ve also heard lots of rain, it’s still raining in week 2 of the holidays, boo.

Mr S is working away again next week but I’m planning on spending the week based at home to prepare for our holiday the week after. We must be due some hot, sunny weather now and it would be great to have a few beach trips and lazy afternoons in the park. Fingers crossed 🤞🏼

Thank you to Morgana for creating and hosting #littleloves, I hope you’re enjoying your break



2 thoughts on “Morph, a Ferris wheel and new perfume #littleloves

  1. I do love a ferris wheel although the last one I went on with the boys was super high. That perfume sounds lovely, I have never tried Jo Malone. I hope you have a great August and see you at the end of the month x

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