9 Little Things … in Little Miss’s Bedroom

Little Miss will be turning nine this year and she is caught in that tricky period between childhood and teenager. This is through her desire for independence yet her need for us to be close by, trying to be assertive but needing boundaries, experimenting with her look and her exasperation at our rules regarding crops tops and earrings, loving the company of  her older cousins and family friends but being brilliant with little friends too.  This week I did a bit of a spring clean in her room and noticed the different things she has in her room, I look at these and wonder if there are little clues to the young adult she will become, her hobbies, interests and possible career.

  1.  This delightful tin contains Little Miss’ craft projects. She prefers to personalise and interpret the projects herself rather than read and follow instructions!  Most are jewellery making tasks or simple sewing and she likes to make items for Doggy and baby Annabel.
  2. Here are Baby Annabel and Doggy, Little Miss’ favourite toys, wrapped up in the cot and bedding which Grandma and Granfer made for them.  Baby Annabel has been with Little Miss since her first Christmas, whilst Doggy is actually a pencil case I bought for her during introductions to hold her crayons.  He’s never been used for his original purpose but Little Miss loves to hide special things in him.  These are the two toys who always come with us on holiday and nights away and are inseparable from each other and Little Miss.
  3. The dolls house has been customised by Little Miss with fabric scraps used as curtains and carpets, she has dolls in the house but has also used small toy animals, so its full of kittens and puppies.  She still loves to act out little plays in the house.
  4. Music is big for Little Miss, her radio is tuned to Heart for the pop songs and she is always singing and dancing.  Her ipod is used for long journeys and I’ve made the playlists to avoid anything overtly sexy or adult themed.  Little Miss also plays guitar and music is very important to her, it helps her to relax and self regulate.
  5. Little Miss has the most beautiful natural rhythm and dance thanks to her ballet lessons, she loves to try all types of dance.  Her gymnastics also helps here.  She has her ballet medals and gymnastic awards proudly displayed in her room too.
  6. I’m not sure how we discovered this but Little Miss adores the Beano, we’re always in charity shops and second hand book stores looking for old annuals.  Each night we read a book together and then she settles with a Beano.  Little Miss is a very good reader but at home will never read at any other time of the day except bed time.
  7. Nail art console. Little Miss loves this nail art set and is always creating new nails and developing ideas, she is only allowed painted nails at weekends and holidays, never at school.  She is so alert and will always look at the style of older friends and pop / film / tv stars for inspiration.
  8. Make Up bag.  This bag is full of lip glosses, pale eye shadows etc..  I dislike children’s make up in its garish colours and artificial ingredients so we compromise by buying Little Miss quality products to be used sparingly.  She’s definitely become more skilled in her make up and does look sparkly with a little gloss and glitter.
  9. Little Miss has a strong interest in nature, we walk locally every week and she is always interested in the environment.  One of her favourite books is an encyclopaedia of animals and she is always telling us interesting facts.  Grandad is a keen bird watcher so she likes this poster to find out which birds are visiting the garden and then to tell him.

So these nine items from her bedroom are some which reflect Little Miss’ character and interests at present, she is a young girl who is creative, musical and curious. It’ll be interesting to see what items best reflect her lifestyle as she progresses to adolescence and adulthood.



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