A lunch date, sobs in the cinema and cricketing debuts #littleloves


Welcome to another week of #littleloves, there is a real mummy and son theme to this week’s post as we enjoyed a weekend together whilst Mr S and Little Miss went to Bristol.  The split was the only way we could fit in all the weekend’s plans and whilst we all enjoyed our weekends it did seem strange to be apart. I felt much happier and mpre comfortable when we were all back together on Sunday afternoon. We are a little team of four!


This week, I finished Liane Moriarty’s What Alice Forget,  an excellent read.  I’m really enjoying discovering Moriarty’s work and have no doubt another of her titles will be on my Kindle soon.


I always like to have a book on the go, so I started Britt Marie was here by Fredrik Backman.  A Man Called Ove is one of my favourite reads of the last few years and this book has the similar gentle but engaging pace.



On Saturday Little Man and I took the train,  which is a real treat for him and went to our county town for lunch and the cinema.  Little Man was keen to see A Dog’s Purpose.  I didn’t realise that this story is an American children’s classic book but what a tear jerker.  The story is going to sound a bit odd as a dog is reincarnated through the story and has different lives with different owners as a different breed.  Despite this premise its actually very good and strong on issues such as caring for others, loneliness etc…  However with the dog being reincarnated I, foolishly hadn’t made the connection that the dog needed to die for this to happen and these were the tear jerker moments.  There was lots of crying in our screening, Little Man was sad but didn’t cry yet I had a few tears roll down my cheek throughout the film.  Predictably Little Man is now even more desperate for a dog after watching the film.


Well after the miserable weather during the week, I’ve been making lots of winter comfort meals for tea, casserole and dumplings, a roast chicken.  I am done with these meals, I want my salads, its May!

A bit of a tenuous link but I also made my first ever cricket score sheet at Little Man’s cricket match. Our team needed a scorer and with everyone else volunteering for other roles, I was given a crash course in scoring and did the role.  Fortunately the scorer from the other team was lovely and helpful and our scores matched!


Little Man and I had a lovely lunch out on Saturday.  His sister is a chatterbox and it is hard for any of us to get a word in sometimes so the opportunity for the two of us to talk was lovely.  We talked about cricket, football cards, favourite players, team etc.. and all the latest Lego minifigures.  He was a pleasure to take out for lunch and I loved listening to his talk.


For cricket on Sunday, I wore my daughter’s cricket hoodie.  I’m not that small its just there was a mistake when the girls’ orders went in and they were made up in ladies sizes not girls.  As they were all personalised and the supplier acknowledged their error we got to keep them free of charge and replacements made in the correct sizes. It is the comfiest hoody I have but does confuse people as I’m not who it says on the hoody!


Whilst we are all at home this weekend our diary is still busy, we have more cricket matches (if the rain stops) and Little Miss has a concert rehearsal for a production in an arts festival in a few week’s time.

Thank you to Morgana for hosting the inspiring linky #littleloves, hope everyone has a lovely weekend.




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