I got that feeling …

I love this line from Justin Timberlake’s ‘Can’t stop the feeling’


Its Sunday night and I want to write about that feeling …. Its not a feeling of worry or anxiety about the coming week but of a weekend so well spent that I have that buzz, that happiness which will help the week flow.  I’ve been really lucky to have had that feeling after a number of weekends recently and it got me thinking about what makes that feeling.  The three weekends which have had me feeling so positive have all been different, a weekend at home  hosting family to celebrate a special birthday, a day out at the seaside and a party and a weekend away.  No weekend has been quiet and relaxing yet I’ve felt more energetic and alive after each one.  I don’t have an answer to what creates that buzz, family is a feature in all weekends, as are friends, good weather certainly helps but does not make a weekend, the activities can be grand, a weekend at Badminton or simple, a train ride, a walk, a cup of tea overlooking a bay.  I wonder if its appreciating others, this could be Grandad’s 85 years, a rider’s sporting prowess, being inspired by artists and crafts people or seeing and enjoying the world through a child’s eyes.   I don’t have the answer but I know that a busy, inspiring weekend with family and friends can give you the freshness and sparkle to start the week.


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