Lip gloss, live music and a moment in time #littleloves

Welcome to another week of #littleloves and what a lovely week its been.  Last weekend was one of those really special ones. We had lots of fun on a family day out on the train to a larger seaside resort for funfairs and boats.  Whilst my friend’s 40th birthday party was such a brilliant night out with superb live music, great guests, lots of dancing and sparkles all in the most beautiful castle setting. I really felt blessed last weekend and appreciated spending such special times with my family and friends.  I did realise though that I can’t do the late nights I used to, children just won’t do lie ins for you.

The children’s highlight of our day out …
My highlight of our day out ..


Whilst I haven’t finished it yet I am reading Dawn O’Porter’s The Cows ( my Kindle ran out of power last night, yep you don’t get that with a book!)   Its so difficult to describe in a few sentences and I’ve not finished it yet but its a story of three women with one strong theme being social media, one is an author of a famous blog, the other is filmed and ends up becoming an internet sensation for the wrong reasons and the other is drawn to Facebook as  means of keeping alive memories of a loved one.  There are some strong moral and feminist arguments in the book but these are presented intelligently and smartly.  I am enjoying and will report back next week with the finished review.


I’ve watched a brilliant short video made by the children’s school, A Moment in Time.  Its a mannequin style entry of a moment in time at the primary school and shows every single staff member and pupil.  It is a magical video and thoroughly deserves a prize in the local arts competition it has been created for. The school have been brilliant at thoroughly disguising my children.  Sadly, they are not normally allowed in anything published on the internet for security reasons,  however through some careful and clever filming, Little Man and his friends are dressed up in a drama session, whilst Little Miss’ PE moves and strategically placed equipment make her unrecognisable.    The video was just one of the highlights in the school’s annual arts exhibition, the standard and quality of artwork is just incredible and a credit to all.


Mrs Brown’s eggs




I used these eggs to make a simple omelette. The deep rich brown shells were gorgeous but the yellow of the omelette made it such a sunshine meal.  The eggs were freshly lain courtesy of Mrs Brown, a local chicken and totally free range!


I was able to dress up on Saturday night to the 40th party and loved it.  I wore a fitted but flared crepe black tunic dress embellished with a few sparkles on the cuffs and neckline.  Its a dress I haven’t worn for ages and normally pair with leggings as its quite short but I felt confident on Saturday and wore it with some tights. I also had been able to pop in and buy a new lip gloss on Saturday afternoon, its one of  the Clarins lip oils and is a multi sensory treat, the smell, the colour, the feel all perfect.  It was the gift I got for the birthday girl too, I knew she’d appreciate it.

One for me, one for you x


There is nothing quite like live music and the band on Saturday night were superb, it was one of those parties where people are up from the first song to the very last dancing.  The playlist was full of happy, uplifting tunes and it made for such a lovely atmosphere.


I know last week I wrote how much I was looking forward to the weekend but I have that same feeling again today.  Tomorrow, Friday,  Mr S is off to Bristol to watch England play a ODI cricket match and then after school  the children and I will drive to Bristol (3 hours on Fri eve mmm) and join him so we can travel to Badminton for the horse trials on Saturday,  its cross country day.  Although I’m not a horsie person I’ve always wanted to go and now we have Little Miss who is horse mad it seemed a perfect family trip.

Thanks to Morgana at for hosting  #littleloves.




3 thoughts on “Lip gloss, live music and a moment in time #littleloves

  1. Lovrlyrou d up this week! Your weekend sounds like fun! Hope the drive isn’t too bad for you! Piping over from #littleloves

  2. Sounds like a lovely weekend. That school video sounds amazing. I hope you enjoy doing your weekend and the drive was OK. #littleloves

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