A Boy made of blocks, skinny jeans and Bruce Springsteen Little Loves

This week is a culmination of the last two week’s Little Loves, I had nearly finished last week’s when I got a really bad migraine which meant last weekend was sleep and sickness.  As the last thing I can do is look at a computer screen when I have a migraine, the post simply waited in the drafts box to be finished.

There are some weeks which no matter how you try to tart them up, simply are hard work and a bit dull, that’s been this past fortnight.  Mr S has been working away so I’ve been parenting solo, normally  I’m fine with this and quite enjoy a little extra time to myself in the evenings but these past weeks work has been really hard, its been dark, cold and miserable, I’ve been running around making sure everyone is at the right place at the right time and most nights I’ve simply crawled into bed once everyone is asleep, exhausted.  This is so not me, here’s hoping sparkly me returns very soon.


I finished Marian Keyes’ Making It Up as I Go Along.  It was just like reading a conversation with a friend and was the perfect antidote to the busyness of the first week.


I also downloaded one of the new Richard and Judy book club books, A Boy Made of Blocks.  This is quite personal to me as I work with ASD children and young people and witness first hand the effect of the diagnosis on the family.  I am really enjoying this book and the presentation of the young son is typical of ASD, too often the child with ASD is portrayed in books or films as a savant or simply having a few quirky behaviours when the reality is more challenging and harder to understand .  I love that the book is set in Bristol where I grew up and  there’s some nice Bristolian humour and references in it,  its also the first book I’ve ever read where the main character’s surname is my maiden name which is not particularly common.    A book full of personal coincidences!



I rarely switch the tv on when Mr S is away, I prefer music and reading in the evenings.  Our exception was on Wednesday, when after school we all cuddled up for a movie night with popcorn and a few Christmas chocolates to watch Zootopia, we have seen it before but I like the character of Judy the Rabbit, she rocks.



In the first week, I was Queen of the Lists, we are having our bathroom refurbished next week and I had a day in big town to achieve quite a few different jobs all over the town for the work.  It felt a bit like Challenge Anneka, shop, google map directions to the next stop, shop, google map etc.. all in the time deadline of the school day 9 -3pm.  When you live quite rurally you have to allow travel time for big town shopping visits, so it was very tightly organised but all completed, even if not the most exciting of trips out.

I have also made a lot of comforting food this fortnight, its been so cold and miserable so we’ve had lots of casseroles, veggie shepherd pie, homemade soups etc..  I use the slow cooker a lot and its lovely to come home to a kitchen full of delicious smells.


George Skinny Jeans. Definitely not me as I’ve been wearing mine with thick jumpers and boots.


In the first week it was all about the scarves.  I do like a scarf and I had a couple for Christmas from friends (they know me well) so I was showcasing them.  This week its been about skinny jeans.  My quest in life is to find the perfect pair of jeans, I’m quite small so it has to be petite ranges but even then the leg length is difficult to get right.  I haven’t worn jeans for ages and seem to have a uniform of leggings and tunic / skirt.  However when I was in big town I went to Asda and passed a huge display of jeans, I measured some against me and when they were ok tried them on and to my surprise and delight found a pair of dark denim skinny jeans which fit beautifully.  I am so happy with them and the best thing they were a bargain £10!



Over the past fortnight, there has been a lovely Book at bedtime on Radio 4.  Its part of their Reading Europe series and is A Death in the Family by Karl Ove Knausgaard. The title is a little misleading as its only been in the last episodes that there has been a death, its more of the author’s memories growing up in Norway.  It is a little gem of an autobiography and well worth a listen or read.

I also caught up on Bruce Springsteen’s Desert Island Discs on Wednesday morning.  Little Man woke me up at 4.30am but whilst he went back to sleep, I couldn’t and decided to put my time to good use by catching up on this recording.  Springsteen came across so well with some great music choices that it was a really entertaining listen, even at a ridiculous time of the day.

And finally

I’m not sure what are plans are for this weekend.  I was poorly and the children had a few events last weekend so its family time, but I’m just not sure what that will look like.  A lot of local places close in January so we have to be creative, beach walks and hot chocolates, a trip to the skate park or a film at the cinema. I’ll be so pleased when Spring arrives with more opportunities for things to do.

I am linking up with the lovely Morgana at  http://coffeeworksleeprepeat.com and all her marvellous bloggers to share Little Loves.











6 thoughts on “A Boy made of blocks, skinny jeans and Bruce Springsteen Little Loves

  1. A boy made of blocks sounds fascinating – and I’m with you on the need for scarves – I’ve been wrapped up in my biggest scarf this week doing battle with a cold!

  2. Lots of people I’ve spoken to are feeling the same way, I think it’s usual for January. It’s been so dark and dreary it makes you feel shattered. I love making real comfort food in the slow cooker in Winter it makes the house smell amazing. I hope this weekend has been a bit better for you. #LittleLoves

  3. I’ve got a pair of Asda skinny jeans too, they’re a great fit! I took O to the cinema to watch Zootropia, I loved the sloths. xx

  4. Love the Challenge Anneka reference! What a blast from the past! I used to love watching that programme.
    That parenting solo bit sounds all too familiar. I hope you get your sparkle back soon xx

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