Yes I can, a new playroom and work clothes #littleloves

So the routines are ticking along this week, the excitement of going back to school has passed and we’re back to clubs and the usual buzz of the week.  I’ve been on domestic goddess duty this week.  During the summer it felt we were hardly in the house just passing through and only the basic housework was done to keep the house clean and tidy, however this week I’ve been blitzing the house, washing curtains and blinds, sorting clothes and toys etc..  The house looks and feels refreshed now and ready for the coming month.  We even had our boiler serviced this week ready for those cold days.




Work is hard at present, so my reading needs to be light and fun.  Since I had my Kindle I have been trialling Kindle Unlimited and have downloaded a few books, one of which is Fat Chance by Nick Spalding.  Its about an overweight couple trying to lose weight through a local radio competition, I’m about a third way through and its just what I need at present.


This advert has been broadcast on Channel 4 during the summer and I love it.  On Wednesday I led an assembly at work on the Paralympics and we played this video and then after watching it and all feeling wowed our students communicated what they can do.  It was really one of those lump in your throat moments and I’m not sure how I managed to stay composed.  I work with Special Needs students and for them to see such a positive and inspiring video telling them yes they can definitely makes it my watch of the week.

Other watches this week are sitting on a bench at the quay on a beautiful sunny evening watching Little Man having his first go at kayaking with the Beavers which was a great success and of course, episode 2 of my current TV favourite, Cold Feet.


My theme tune at the moment is Jess Glynne’s Hold My Hand, its not a recent release but its words resonate with me at the moment.


 I made space in the children’s play room this week, we are redecorating it this weekend and are trying to theme it to a more junior theme.  I’ve recycled some old games and the big lego has gone too, its rather sad as it seems they are growing up too quickly.  However I am excited about our plans and Mr S starts decorating tomorrow.


I’m still in my shorts and flip flops but have been smartening up for work in my new senior role, this week I enjoyed wearing a lovely full striped skirt matched with a smart black top and have also purchased a new navy smart skirt in New Look.  My work wardrobe has to be quite flexible, smart for meetings but I go to support in class a lot so I need clothes which can be cleaned easily, durable and will enable me to help in interventions.  New Look is good for reasonable priced work clothes. I tend to wear a lot of leggings and converse pumps at school too.


We’re busy decorating this week, I love the final touches and making sure it looks just right so I’m doing some browsing and buying a few sparkles.

This week I’m linking up with Morgana and her fab team of #Littleloves at





2 thoughts on “Yes I can, a new playroom and work clothes #littleloves

  1. We’ve been madly decluttering this week and it’s been good to get some space again. I desperately need some new work clothes. I’m going to check out New look. I go back in two weeks!

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