The Back to School edition #littleloves

So having not written a little loves post in the summer holidays, here I am a day early writing my piece.  Summer was a blast but now we’re back to school and life is back to routines and order.  I loved the spontaneity of the holidays but I also like the order and organisation of the autumn.  Whilst summer is my favourite season, I like autumn.  As a teacher its a new beginning, new years resolutions are made and plans developed both professionally and at home. So far its been good at school, the children have settled well and seem happy and of course the emails have been pinging in with details of clubs, trips and special events.



Me without You.  For my birthday in the holidays I got a Kindle PaperWhite and I love it, I have read lots in the holiday and this week finished the book Me Without You by Kelly Rimmer.  I’m not quite sure how I chose this book, possibly on a Kindle offer as I don’t often read a romance but it was a good read, something to escape to each evening and I particularly liked the setting in Sydney. In one part the characters are on a boat in Sydney harbour on New Year’s Eve watching the fireworks, Mr S and I did this on NYE 2002, so I got nostalgic and romantic myself!


Cold Feet.  It seems like its been a bit of a nostalgic week as Cold Feet returned. I adored this series when it was out in the 90s and 00s and was genuinely excited by its return.  It was brilliant, such a good mix of humour, emotion and friendships and I can’t wait for episode 2 next Monday, it had a cracking soundtrack too.


Packed lunches. This year we have returned to packed lunches.  Little Man is a fussy eater and we decided that we need to develop his menu, so its back to packed lunches and a family meal every evening.  I’ve tried to be creative, there have been salads in the lunches and we’ve had a different sandwich filling every day but my favourite thing has been writing the children little notes for them to read at lunchtime, yes its soppy and I don’t know for how long they’ll let me do it but for the moment its a little thing that makes us all happy.


New school uniforms.  Normally my children continue to wear their summer uniforms until the end of September.  However at the start of the week the weather was so cold and wet, not only were they wearing their winter uniform, I also had to put them in last year’s winter coats (I don’t normally buy this year’s coat until half term)  Fortunately the weather has improved so they’re back in shorts and gingham dresses today.



The Archers has been required listening this week, its been a heart-breaking week with a domestic abuse case in court.  Last night, I was listening on the iPlayer in bed and a little tear rolled down my cheek.  I’m not a TV soap fan but my daily 12 minutes in Ambridge is one of my guilty pleasures.


We’re all looking forward to a quiet weekend in the Sparkles family, this time is often lovely in our town, the tourists have mainly left and the weather often improves so we all head to the beach to squeeze in as much beach time as we can.  Fingers crossed for a sunny weekend.

Thank you to the lovely Morgana at for hosting this link and to all the bloggers who offer ideas and inspiration.



4 thoughts on “The Back to School edition #littleloves

  1. Hello! I chose a ‘back to school’ theme too! Great time of year. I’m glad being back at school has been good for you too. I love nostalgia, and have also enjoyed catching up with Cold Feet! #LittleLoves

  2. I LOVE Cold Feet and I’m so pleased that it’s back. It’s always a worry when they resurrect old series but I think they’ve done a fab job with Cold Feet and I’m loving it so far xx

    1. I agree I was really hoping it would be good but it has surpassed expectations, happy memories of old times and nice to see how life develops, so many good storylines, the tv highlight of my week. x

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