Shop Girl, Girl Power and Ghostbusters #littleloves


The countdown to the end of the term seems real this week, we’ve had viewing classes and final sessions of some of our clubs and the week has been full of special events and trips.  Shame the weather didn’t play ball, the Beavers beach party wasn’t quite the same on a cold, grey evening whilst the girls at Brownies thought the heavy fog just made the geo -caching they were doing in the local country park more atmospheric!  At home, its been a noisy and dusty week, the bathroom renovation is going well and now the floor has been renewed it all should be finished in the next few days. I’ve needed to spend quite a lot of my time at home this week to accommodate the builders, so I feel I have had a little more time to myself which has been nice and some of how I’ve spent my time has made it into Little Loves.


I have read and finished Mary Portas’ autobiography Shop Girl.  Its an easy read with  very short chapters but is really addictive.  The book perfectly evokes the period she was growing up in with lots of detail on the 70s music and fashions, but the book is so much more than a social commentary.  The effect of her mother’s death is devastating on the family and in some ways the narrative is more of a tribute and love letter to her Mum and the quiet ways in which she held the family together than the author’s life, its a heart-breaking theme.  On a  similar theme, Caitlin Moran produced another cracking column about love this week and the excerpt above (Times magazine, 2.7.16)reflects how I say I love you to my children too, minus the cat texts!


This video is doing the rounds on social media and is a brilliant reworking of the Spice girls Wannabe from the UN project The Global Goals.  #whatireallyreallywant

Girl power is alive and strong!


On Saturday I sat down with the children to watch the Ghostbusters film.  They have seen the new trailer and as there are a few similarities I thought we’d watch the original.  I remember watching this film at the cinema when I was a little girl and getting so scared in places, so I sat with the children reassuring them etc.. I recall jumping out of my seat at the cinema at the start with the old lady in the library, but there was nothing from them and I did wonder how I had been so scared, I’m blaming the darkness and big screen.  I’m not sure it’s a film which has survived the passing of time, it’s funny in places but didn’t have the wow factor for the children.


There’s very little in this category this week, no crafting with the children as we had parties at the weekend and with the builders in and out of the kitchen, meals have been simple and quick.  I have made a few packed lunches for trips and treats and do try to make these a bit special to add to the occasion.


Again nothing of note here, at the moment it’s finding an outfit which can serve all four seasons in the one day.


So I’m late to the party but I discovered Spotify this week and love it.  I’m on a free premium trial but think I’ll sign up for it at the end of the month. I can’t believe the tunes I’ve found.  I’ve started creating a few playlists and was delighted that it was so easy to find a rare French song which reminds me of my year abroad.  This of course made me even more curious on what I could find and I have not defeated Spotify yet with my music choices.  My music has gone in so many directions this week.


Next week is the final full week for the children and it’s nice that things are slowing down.  We have been doing some amazing things recently but it’s time to relax, play on the beach and simply enjoy each day without a schedule to follow.

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