Little Sparkles 8/2016

A quiet week in the Sparkles household with our normal routine back in place after half term. It’s been a feisty week railing against ridiculous rules and procedures but my frustrations and complaints have not been personal but aimed at organisations I’ve been dealing with.



This week just a little reminder after all the bureaucratic mess I’ve experienced that we need to be silly. Sometimes we’re all far too serious than we need to be.

Cake Inspiration

FullSizeRender - Copy (2)

Little Miss and I have read an excellent book by the baker Fiona Cairns this week and have noted down a few ideas for some cakes in the coming months. Whilst doing my ironing today I also watched Cake Boss, I love their cakes and would love to be so skilled.

Parental Help

I needed to attend a work event on Thursday evening which clashed with gymnastics class, tea and bedtimes so not the easiest timing to get a babysitter for. Fortunately my parents volunteered to come down and help. Not only were they fantastic with the children, they stayed the next day to be in for my rearranged fridge delivery and tidied up too. It was amazing to have that extra help.

My New fridge

It has taken hours on the phone, unbelievable delays and logistical problems but finally after 3 weeks my new fridge freezer has arrived to replace the one which broke. I am no longer hanging my milk out the kitchen window (a trick learnt from uni days) and am grateful for all the modern appliances we have to simplify and facilitate our lives, life without a fridge has been a challenge and meant daily shopping!

Denim Jackets


I bought Little Miss her first denim jacket this week. It’s the perfect piece to any outfit. I am still wearing my favourite Gap denim jacket which I realise must now be counted as vintage as I bought it when I was 17! One of my favourite looks is a summer dress, preferably floral with a denim jacket or in winter a polo neck and jacket.


As I wrote it’s been a very quiet week, early nights and everyday jobs have filled my time. Fortunately, our diary is filling with nice things to do in the coming weeks so plenty to look forward to. I’ve also been doing some prepping this week for future events, my main focus this week has been costumes for World Book day, I will reveal all next week.