Little Sparkles 4/2016

This has been a long month and one in which I have been very home focused, a month of home making, decluttering, adding a few sparkles and trying new recipes to feed and nurture us all. My sparkles this week reflect this home focus, perhaps I’m hibernating!

This week on my Lightbox


In a week of heavy rain and storms, I liked my little quote reminding us to dance in the rain. I’m a great believer in that there’s no thing as bad weather but the wrong clothes and even when it’s raining you can still have fun! The photo below is from Thursday on our walk to school, the only bright day of the week.




I love pinafores so am very excited about the new trend this year. I ordered one this week which has arrived and it’s gorgeous. Whilst I had imagined myself skipping along wearing it with a simple t-shirt, and converse pumps it’s been worn this week with a black roll neck jumper, boyfriend cardigan, leggings and boots.

Fitbit’s Shooting Star


I do like my Fitbit and even on my enforced exercise break I’m still trying to do 10k steps a day which is working pretty well. This week I got the Shooting star award for reaching 20000 floors since I began, propelling me as high as a shooting star. I like the imagery, I’m a shooting star!

Tooth Fairy 


It was very exciting in our household this week as two teeth were lost, Little Miss’ second tooth and Little Man’s first tooth. There was none of the drama from Little Man on his tooth, it just fell out unlike the wriggling we had with Little Miss. I did get a 3.50am wake up call from little Man who had woken up very excited that the tooth fairy had been and ran into my room to share the exciting news.

Eating well


This month I have looked very carefully at my diet and made a real effort towards cleaner nutrition. It needs to be workable and realistic but these two books have helped to develop my thoughts and opinions about healthy diets. I listened to Bee Wilson on Woman’s Hour, on which she was so brilliant that I was inspired to order her book. I also have been making every meal from scratch and have rediscovered the stunning flavours of herbs and spices in cooking. I don’t want this to be a fad diet but a real awakening of what healthy food means to me and how to feed and nourish my family.