Little Sparkles 3/2016

This hasn’t been a very sparkly week as I was house bound for the start of the week with a sick Little Man and then was really poorly myself with a severe migraine and accompanying vomiting for most of the remainder of the week. This really wasn’t a good mummy week, far too much TV and Wii U after school and I’m not even sure how I managed the school run on a few days this week. However the children were amazing and were far more helpful and sympathetic than I could have hoped for. Treats are definitely in order this weekend. Consequently the little sparkles are quite limited this week but even amongst all the sickness there have been a few glimmers.

  1. My lightbox.


After careful consideration, I chose part of a Winnie the Pooh quote this week. It was Winnie the Pooh day on Monday to coincide with the anniversary of the birth of A.A. Milne and at work we did some lovely sensory themed activities. I chose this quote as I am always in awe of my children who are so brave and strong for the life that they have lived at such a young age. They were separated from their birth mother, lived in foster care and finally came to us as their forever family through adoption, they have dealt with the trauma so resiliently. The quote is also to remind them to be strong and confident as they grow older.

Call the Midwife.

I really enjoy this series as I’ve always been keen on social history. The new series started last Sunday with a standout episode focusing on a baby born with deformities caused by thalidomide, it was a stunning hour of drama which has been much discussed and admired this week.

Get Well note.

I was so touched by this note from Little Miss and Little Man   accompanied by a play doh flower (which soon became another model!) They have been amazing this week and I am very lucky to have such kind and loving children.

Saturday Night Games

We always try to have a family time on Saturday evening and after an early tea we like to play board games, it’s always a fun time. This evening our choices were What a Performance and Frustration and it was a special, relaxed time just being us.

New Books

I want to try and read more this year and last weekend picked up a couple of books. Last night I started the first, Moving by Jenny Éclair. I love the premise of a house holding the memories of a family and have enjoyed the first few chapters. I am a real homebody and love our home, it felt like home the moment we stepped in. As we left our first viewing we turned around, negotiated a price and moved in six weeks later. Our home is full of very happy memories although I’m not sure of the plot line in the book will be so happy.

Next week, we should all be back to normal so hopefully there will be more sparkles to illuminate the week.