Little Sparkles 2/2016

So it’s the second week in January and although quiet, I’m enjoying the relaxed start to the new year. Its giving me time to focus on the things I want to do this year and rather than buzzing around, on a couple of evenings I’ve sat down and simply read or listened to music and during my days off I’ve been home making. It’s been a peaceful and comforting week.

Sparkle 1

IMG_1458 (2).JPG

This is one picture which has a variety of meanings this week. After last week’s flower quote I thought it would be nice to see if I could find an appropriate comment each week to display in my light box. As there is a character limit of only 9 letters per line that’s few words to play with. I am missing There’s on this week’s quote but I think the abbreviated quote sums the theme up. Whilst it is a little homage to David Bowie, it also reflects the space theme which is strong in my life. I am teaching a space module at work this half term, it’s one of my favourite topics to teach and this week there is a CBeebies Stargazing special on each evening which Little Man has been fascinated with and we have watched avidly together. I am also really enjoying following Tim Peak the British astronaut in space and look forward to watching his space walk tomorrow. Consequently I think this lyric sums up this week nicely.

Sparkle 2

IMG_1464 (2)

I was so proud of Little Miss this week as the ballet exam results from November have been published and she did exceptionally well. I was relieved for her as she had worked very hard and I wanted her to get a result which reflected her work and effort. She was so happy and excited when she came out of the exam room so I was hopeful that she had done well and it’s wonderful to have such an excellent outcome. The card is from my parents and I’ve promised her a little gift to celebrate, I need to look on Etsy today for a new ballet bag or possibly a ballerina necklace.

Sparkle 3

IMG_1463 (2)

I have done week 1 of the 3 week detox and it is going very well, I think I am even enjoying it! I like healthy food and do cook a lot from scratch so its not too different from my normal eating but I’ve been recording the foods on My Fitness Pal app and the nutritional background has been very informative and surprising. I suppose the biggest change has been not eating fruit or dairy and this is ok in the short term but I couldn’t do it for much longer than the three weeks, I like a balanced diet. I am feeling well and probably have more energy than normal for January so all is going well.

Sparkle 4

IMG_1465 (2)

My resolution for this year has to embrace my wellbeing, whilst it sounds a bit pretentious, recent health scares have made me realise I have to look after myself. One of the simple things I have done this week has been to burn some aromatherapy oils and book an aromatherapy massage to end the detox.

Sparkle 5

IMG_1451 (2)

I have a new office at work this term as I have quite a unique role and spend a lot of my time supporting within the school. Its right in the middle of the classrooms (as it should be, that’s where I’m needed) and whilst it doesn’t have the magnificent sea views the main building offices do, I do appear to have a little companion. This little squirrel has kept me amused this week, he is so tame and confident and gets up to lots of little tricks, climbing the trees, walking along the fence and climbing over and into the bird box. He’s a lovely little distraction.

Sparkle 6

FullSizeRender (2)

Not much explanation needed here, there is an advertising campaign by Weetabix where the cereal is made into a little face so Little Man wanted to do the same with his breakfast. It was a fun start to the day. Little Miss is a porridge girl so we did similar with honey and bananas too. It’s the little things which make us smile.