Little Sparkles 1/2016

Last week I pondered how to continue Little Sparkles this year as I did find some of the categories a little constricting. For example, wore… I am so predictable, leggings and a tunic / short skirt / dress and boots in cooler weather with a few layers as necessary and top and shorts / cropped trousers / floral or patterned skirt and flip flops in warmer weather. It’s not going to make for inspiring reading week in and out. I had a little think and jotted a few ideas down and then came up with the blindingly obvious solution, don’t put my sparkles into categories and just write! So here is my first post in this new format, I hope it works.


Sparkles 1 and 2.


Surprisingly for me, I am starting this new year on a health kick. It’s been a bit of a worrying time health wise and I am awaiting a hospital appointment for further investigation into the number of unexplained falls I’ve had recently. In the meantime I am doing a detox, my first ever! After its finished I am considering clean eating as much as possible without being a martyr to try and make my body as strong as possible. The detox is fine, I do eat healthily generally but it’s the cups of tea I’m missing the most and my odd cappuccino. Herbal tea doesn’t quite hit the spot. My father In law bought me a fantastic Christmas present of a soup maker. He was buying one for his daughter and thought I might like one too. It’s so easy and convenient and has helped me to enjoy the detox more with lots of flavoursome soups.

Sparkle 3


Whilst all the house looks bare without our Christmas decorations, I really miss the LED lit Christmas tree in my kitchen. I loved its sparkle and twinkling lights. This week, I have treated myself to a bunch of my favourite flowers, tulips to put in my Ken Eardley vase and then used my lovely Lightbox to write a little inspirational message to help brighten up my kitchen. It’s definitely helped to add a little sparkle in the kitchen this week.

Sparkle 4


Still in the kitchen, Little Miss commented this week that she feels sad when we sit down for tea and Daddy’s seat is empty as he’s back working away. So this week we’ve had guests for dinner, Colin the Minion joined us for his banana (that’s what Minions eat isn’t it?), Teddy had honey sandwiches and Miss Mouse had some cheese. I’m still trying to work out what Kylo Ren and Finn from Star Wars might eat for tea.

Sparkle 5


It’s a return to routines this week and we have been reading together every evening before going up to bed. This week our book is Charlotte’s Web, I don’t think I have ever read it before although am familiar with the story and am thoroughly enjoying it, Fern is a pretty cool girl. I have been reading ‘The Version of Us’ a ‘what if’ story about choices and consequences, it is brilliant and I have been in bed early every evening to read more.

Sparkle 6


I am not one for the sales and have kept well away from them this Christmas. It is my idea of hell to be walking around the shops on Boxing day. However there was one item I had been following and was waiting to be reduced, a new pair of boots in Fat Face. I sussed that the online sale was likely to start on Christmas Eve as everyone shuts up for Christmas, so late afternoon I refreshed the bookmark I had saved (really I am that organised) and I got the boots reduced to half price. I was delighted and have been wearing them this week, they are so comfy and gorgeous. That’s the best way to shop the sales.

Sparkle 7


My final sparkle is my new Filofax, its not as ostentatious as it may first look. I am quite modest and don’t do a lot of bling but feel quite comfortable with its design. In September I decided to try one of those Mummy academic year diaries with spaces for everyone as the kitchen calendar in a similar design works well. However I hated it, the pages weren’t in the order I like and I could never find what I wanted. I never had the option to add anything. After really trying hard with it for 3 months, I admitted defeat and thanks to a little Christmas gift I chose a new Filofax. I feel so much better organised and prepared with a Filofax, I won’t be seduced by anything different again!

Isn’t it funny that even in what is supposed to be one of the duller weeks of the year there are still plenty of opportunities to illustrate the sparkles of everyday life. There are more I haven’t written of too, discovering an acquaintance’s wonderful achievements through her New Year’s honours citation, she is so modest of her amazing work.  I also received two compliments of how kind little Miss has been with some of the younger children at school.   Life’s little sparkles should always be appreciated.