Little Sparkles – Christmas 2015

And finally it’s the last Little Sparkles of 2015. As it’s been Christmas week, it’s been a real family week. Mr S has needed to work at home today but has been doing family things for the rest of the week, lots of walks and lots and lots of games, some Wii U but mainly board games such as Mouse Trap, Uno and Operation. It has been really special just being the four of us and I’ll try and summarise the week but I’m sure I’ll miss something, it’s the sparkliest week of the year…

Apologies for the lack of photos in one of the most photographed weeks of the year, our photos all feature us so I’ve had to edit the photos carefully.



My dad recommended and lent me Rick Stein’s autobiography which I am reading. However I am not so crazy about the author, he was born into an affluent family and there is a hint of poor little me about it all, loads of anxiety and angst about being your typical white, middle class male. I’m not warming to him yet but there is still more to read.

I have also been reading lots of annuals, Star Wars and the Beano and discovering the new books which the children received for Christmas.



I have never listened so intently as I did on Christmas Eve, it was so stressful, as every sound seemed to be magnified as I tried to put the presents out. Little Man went to bed late and then Little Miss woke up about 10.30 to ask if Santa had been so I was on edge and jumpy as I tried to make everything as magical as possible without making a sound.

To counter these nerves I got to hear the excited squeals of the children on Christmas morning discovering that Santa had been, nothing can match the joy of children on Christmas morning.


I don’t know if it just me but I thought the Christmas television was poor this year. I suppose the rose tinted memories of childhood and the big films don’t take into account the accessibility we all have to hundreds of tv channels these days where there are plenty of opportunities to watch the big films.  My favourite watch of Christmas week was Julia Donaldson’s Stickman and we did all cuddle up and giggle as we watched it. Apart from Stickman and Strictly we have watched very little television preferring to play with toys.


We have been to the cinema again today (twice in a week!) as Mr S needed some quiet time to work at home so the children and I went to see the Snoopy and Peanuts movie. Our options are limited in this wet and windy weather. Any film coming after Star Wars is going to have a very tough act to follow and I’m afraid my review isn’t great for Snoopy. I don’t think it worked as a film, there were some great scenes but I think it would have worked better as a series of episodes. However there was a nice feel to the film and cute animations. Whilst Little Miss loved it, Little Man and I both said we would have preferred to have seen Star Wars again! One week later and I’m still thinking about Star Wars.


I have so much for this category this week, where to start? I have done lots of cooking and really enjoyed making Christmas Dinner, the Festive Jalousie was delicious but I was really pleased with my sides too, the honey roasted carrots and parsnips were amazing as was the spiced red cabbage and apple. All recipes came from BBC Good Food Christmas vegetarian magazine, an excellent read.

As well as all our festive fare, I’ve been making up toys. Mr S made the Mousetrap game and a Pirate Ship whilst I took responsibility for the Star Wars Lego. I was impressed by my skills at reading and following the pictures.

Little Miss and I have been working on a fabric doll Grandma sent her. I normally use a sewing machine but this is a hand stitched doll so I’ve been revising my sewing stitches and helping Little Miss to make the doll, it’s still a work in progress but we aim to finish it by the return to school.

We have also been making perfume from a set, our perfumes have included our special creation, Five Alive.  It has been a really nice activity and the perfume set was definelty a favourite present.



I couldn’t find anything sparkly or wow to buy for my Christmas day outfit this year, so it was my trusted favourites, a sleeveless cream chiffon top and silky mini skirt. Mr S bought me a beautiful pair of dangly gold and silver earrings so I enjoyed wearing these too. I like to make an effort on Christmas day and even managed to find the time to put on a full face of make up with all the extras and to straighten my hair.  Needless to say it was a very relaxed Christmas morning to find the time to do all this!

Apart from Christmas day, it’s been a wellies and woollies type of week as the storms have hit the country. We are very fortunate to have got away very lightly with the flooding and damage, but my thoughts are with those whom have had a very difficult Christmas.

And finally …

So that’s it for this year’s Little Sparkles. I may have a little change in categories next year to better share all the sparkles in our lives but the theme will continue as I like being able to celebrate the little sparkles which make life special.