Tommy Week 3

I have set myself the challenge of hiding Tommy in new places and scenarios everyday. However as this is the third year of Tommy this is becoming a very creative activity, by the end of this year he’ll have had 72 tableaux, I’m not sure for how many years I can continue this challenge but it’ll be fun trying.  I have an app this year which has been helpful for inspiration.  Here are the past week’s Tommy pictures.

December 14th : Bringing the Christmas Jumpers for the week’s parties.  It took the children ages to find him, who else but me looks in a clean laundry basket?

December 15th : After an evening wrapping presents, Tommy was found wrapped up in my Christmas box.  Another tricky one!

December 16th : Dressed up as the wise man bringing gold to baby Jesus.

December 17th :There are times when  you just need to stop and smell the flowers …


December 18th : Friday night is Wii U night in our household so Tommy was getting some early practice.  l

December 19th : Tommy the red nosed reindelf.  One of my favourites.

December 20th : Peekaboo Tommy. I love this vintage tree from my cousin, the lower baubles do have the children’s names on I just turned them around for the photo. The top cutout was a perfect fit for Tommy .