Little Sparkles

This week has been all about preparations and getting organised. It’s that funny week before everything really starts to get going so I’ve used the time to wrap presents, write cards, buy a few foodie items for the season etc.. I really want to enjoy the events next week and not to be thinking that I should be doing things on my to do list. I’m feeling pretty relaxed about Christmas, I’m organised (hey that’s just me) but to me Christmas is simple it’s about being together and as long as I have my little family it’ll be perfect.



Oh the tradition of the season, this week not only have I read The Christmas Radio Times but I’ve highlighted my favourites too. I’m already looking forward to cuddling up on the sofa with the children after Christmas lunch and watching Julia Donaldson’s Stickman.

I also helped the children read some rather special Santa letters. My mum has always taken the responsibility for organising the Santa letters and normally has them done through charities as a means of fundraising. However this year she wrote and printed them herself and they are amazing. The letters showed how much she listens to the children and their little adventures. Their personalities shone through the letters and they were truly magical. I was so touched and proud of my Mum’s gesture, as the Grinch says



I’m still addicted to my Christmas songs playlists and have used music to enhance the mood whilst I did some of the less exciting Christmas jobs this week.


When Mr S left to go travel up to work on Sunday afternoon, the children and I cuddled up to watch The Magic Reindeer, a beautiful animated film with a lovely Christmas story.

I also got to watch the children’s excitement at the Christmas tree festival as they went from tree to tree guessing the theme and choosing their favourites.


Mummy bonus pints for remembering the cakes I promised to make for the ballet Christmas fair, Nigella’s Raspberry and Lemon muffins. However I couldn’t find frozen raspberries in town so they became strawberry and lemon which worked perfectly with my strawberry cake cases.


Whilst I didn’t make my wreath I watched it being made by some of our brilliant students at school as part of their enterprise work. Our students all have complex special needs so for each to have played a little part in making this wreath is very special to me.


FullSizeRender - Copy (2)

So maybe a little late and I’m sure they would have meant that my hand injury would not have been so severe but I wore my running gloves out on my first tentative runs since my accident. I am only running in the light and have taken a ridiculous interest in the state of pavements and roads but I am out. As I’ve said before I need to run, it’s my thing to keep me sane and happy.

I’m also wearing my old Fat Face brown boots I’ve had them for years and with the demise of my black Clarkes boots they’re back to number 1. I’m hoping to pick up a new pair of boots in the New Year sales, I did try some on in Fat Face a few weeks ago so fingers crossed they’ll be reduced.

And …

Next week is Christmas fun at schools for me and the children. The week is a whirlwind of Christmas lunches, parties, concerts, fairs and Christmas jumpers. I love the week its madness and sparkle is just part of the build up to Christmas.