Tommy, Week 1

This is our third year of our Elf On The Shelf and he is a much loved and treasured Christmas tradition in the Sparkles household.  Tommy is not a mischievous elf but is much in the spirit of the accompanying storybook celebrating the children being kind and helpful.  I hide him each night and also leave a letter writing about the positive things the children have done and little memories of the day.  I enjoy the creative challenge and the magic he brings to our house.  This year I thought I would publish our photos from each day, the letters are so personal that they can’t be published but they remain wrapped and saved in our house.

December 1st 2015


Pilot Tommy

December 2nd 2015


Mountain climbing.

December 3rd 2015


Arise Sir Tommy, the medieval knight.

December 4th 2015


Saving the Pennies

December 5th 2015


Channel hopping

December 6th 2015



And a bonus …  a trip to school