Little Sparkles

This has been an odd week in the Sparkles family as new opportunities have arisen and we have been carefully thinking about the direction our lives will lead in the coming year. It’s nothing untoward and professionally exciting for both of us but there are the practicalities of family life and our thoughts if we’re ready for the challenges. Fortunately both projects would dove tail each other so there would be someone able to fully focus on our home life, this is essential and non-negotiable. Our family are our lives and I would not be willing to compromise our family life for our professional life, even for financial reward. Everything is also confidential so it’s difficult to bounce ideas off friends and colleagues. Both professionally and socially, I seem to be keeping a lot of secrets and confidences at the moment and I’ve become quite quiet in conversations making sure I don’t say something revealing. It’s not been a very exciting week as I still don’t seem myself, the migraine has worn off but I’m really tired and don’t have my zest for life. This morning, I settled down to watch the Drew Barrymore film ‘Wild’ but was so exhausted I couldn’t focus on it and ended going back to bed at 10.30am, this really isn’t me, I buzz around like a little bee, ticking off my lists. Hopefully all my energy and verve will return next week.



I read the poem Flanders Field by John Mcrae with one of my classes this week. I find this a very powerful poem and the imagery reminds us all to uphold the value for a fair and just world.   As part of the lesson we made 32 poppies for the 32 names on the remembrance board in our school chapel. Whilst we are a special needs school now, our school building is a former boy’s boarding school and their chapel is a beautiful building. We wrote a name on each poppy and I then decorated the board ready for our remembrance assembly, it was simple but very effective and emotional to remember those fallen 32 former pupils.


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On Saturday night, Mr S started to watch the Sky Premiere American Sniper, based on a true story. It was a little violent and loud for me bit I did a quick internet search to discover the story and if it was worth watching to the end (I’m awful for wanting to know what happens.) The ending was unbelievable and I did watch it, an incredible story.


I have very little in this category, no new music on my itunes account, a few Podcasts and no outstanding radio programmes. I listened to the children riding their bikes through puddles and down hills at the country park on Sunday and their laughter filled the air. I suppose most of my listening has been listening to plans and ideas and doing lots of thinking and reflecting.


The photo from the website BBC but ours looked pretty similar and tasted wonderful
The photo from the website BBC but ours looked pretty similar and tasted wonderful

It was a really miserable Saturday morning so Little Miss and I participated in some cooking. We made a delicious Cheese and Potato pie, a Paul Hollywood recipe and a Rachel Allen recipe for Upside Down pudding. The pie was melt in your mouth perfection, although calorific. However for the taste and a luxury it was well worth the making and as I had done an hour’s early morning run I didn’t feel guilty enjoying it. The pudding was disappointing, when I read the recipe I wasn’t sure of it as I usually make it as a light sponge and this was a slightly different mixture which made it more dense. I prefer something lighter so will simply try a different recipe next time. The Rachel Allen recipe was from her book but the Paul Hollywood came from the BBC Good Food website. I’ve been using this a lot recently and find it a great site to browse ideas.



This week I wore my poppy with pride. It’s a small but powerful symbol.

This coming weekend is a quiet one with a few jobs required, I’m not sure what family time is planned but if the weather is as poor as suggested perhaps it’ll be a cinema trip or similar.