Little Sparkles

This has been a week of extremes, the first three days were manically busy with Mr S’ birthday preparations and celebrations, then two days back at work including a day of formal assessments, theory and practical for our behaviour support programme and then two days of utter exhaustion and a severe migraine which given the preceding days was not surprising. I have suffered migraine all my life and take daily medication but I knew my lifestyle was catching up with me over the weekend, I often think migraine is my safety valve against a nervous breakdown, it forces me to stop, lie in a darkened room with no distraction and rest. This evening I’m finally feeling myself again.  I always resolve not to let myself get into such a state but it always happens, I just can’t slow down.


On Monday evening, I did make a start on The Girl on the Train but with my migraine I haven’t managed to read past the first chapter, I’m hoping to read some more tonight. I do have an inkling of the story as I did listen to some of it when it was serialised on the Book at Bedtime on Radio 4. Fortunately this hasn’t spoilt it but made me more interested in finding the whole story and how it all intertwines together.

I have also read an inordinate amount of correspondence from the children’s school, they have just started with Parent Mail an app that enables them to send messages to you. I think there’s been lots of experimenting and playing with the new toy this week!


On Friday night, we had a little firework fiesta to start Mr S birthday celebrations. It was fun and so mild to be outside. I do get a little anxious with fireworks in the garden but all went smoothly. Tomorrow night we’re off to the local army garrison to see their fireworks, this is more relaxing for me and I love oohing and arghing.


This week I also discovered and watched the beach huts on our sea front change colour in the dark. I was running along the seafront, sadly off road runs are out in these winter evenings and noticed that the huts were illuminated with changing colours. This made my run and splits more entertaining guessing which colour they would be when I ran pass them. The beach huts are new this season and this was one of the first times I had been out in the dark past them.


As part of the birthday celebrations, I researched the songs which featured in Mr S life, mainly number 1s at significant birthdays. I discovered that the song which was number 1 when we married was Daniel Benningfields ‘Never Gonna Leave Your Side’ so I‘ve listened to this one this week and think it’s a nicely appropriate song.


As hostess for the weekend, I made a lot of tea, meals and beds with a smile and gentle temperament. I definitely earnt many bonus points this week, now I have to think what to exchange them for!


For the past couple of days I have struggled to get through the day with my migraine and nausea and not been the fun, bubbly Mum I try to be. So this afternoon when I was feeling a bit brighter I made this snack for the children when they came home from school. It was a wicked afternoon, heavy rain and wind so I hope the fruit faces made everyone smile a little.


I wore some high heels on Saturday night to the restaurant which is so unusual for me, I prefer strappy sandals or sparkly flats on nights outs. You can dance, walk and drive in those shoes and I find high heels are only suitable for meals out. I did like wearing them and the extra height they gave me, I’m quite small so a few extra inches is always nice.

FullSizeRender - Copy

I have also been wearing some brighter lipsticks, my favourite is my latest Benefit colour but there was a Clinique cherry red lipstick free with a magazine so I had a go with this too and found it quite flattering.  I’m normally a very natural girl with make up but as I’m getting older colour is complementing my skin tone more than I expected.