Little Sparkles

With the exception of the mock Ofsted visit, my work life balance has been working really smoothly this academic year and I do feel that I am able to do so much more in my free time. This time last year, I was very busy (and stressed) with Little Man’s EHCP process and there were lots of letters, meetings, telephone calls etc.. to occupy my time. This year, I am using my time to be more creative and focus on our home life and it’s rather lovely! This week I’ve finished my first module in the Jenny Maizel’s Sketchbook club, made some cakes, been to a craft fayre at a local castle, visited a vintage shop I’ve been meaning to go to for ages and just enjoyed pottering around.

The Craft Fayre Venue, what a September sky!
The Craft Fayre Venue, what an October sky!


I’ve been busy making rather than reading this week although I am enjoying reading Mrs Pepperpot with Little Miss at bedtime. I’ve been rather struck by the cultural differences in some of the stories and it’s nice to read a book set in Norway and the little mentions of traditions and daily life. Little Miss was impressed that the children were skiing to school and a little disappointed that we can’t do this in the U.K.


I know I rate Woman’s Hour most weeks but it really is a superb programme full of such interesting topics, people and conversation. Now, I have my iPhone it’s even more accessible and I’ve been listening to the podcast at lunchtime or walking to school in the afternoon. This week there has been such diversity the story of a SOE heroine form WW2, the breakup of the steel industry and the effect on the community, Nigella cooking and an interview with the Bake Off’s Nadiah who is just wonderful. She inspired me to quickly make some citrus and white chocolate cakes this week and they were still warm as we tasted them after school. Bonus Mummy points gained here!

Another brilliant listen was Desert Island Discs with the poet, Lemn Sissay whom I have to admit is someone I was not familiar with. His voice just sung with a melody of beautiful words and his story was heart breaking, adopted against his mother’s will and then rejected at 12 by his adopted family and placed in Care. He is a remarkable man, so thoughtful and positive and whose work enriches the lives of many.


Oh Jay! The highlight of the week was Jay’s Jive in Strictly Come Dancing, Pulp Fiction at its best. I’m also watching the Apprentice as I write this, it’s quite worrying to think these are our entrepreneurs and business leaders of the future.


I am enjoying the focus on homemade and wholesome food and have spent some time researching some different vegetarian main courses. The ingredients are coming tomorrow but there have been more new meals this week, the tastiest were the basics, an onion and potato mash to go with sausage and peas and a simple cheese and tomato omelette.


I have also ‘made’ my Jenny Maizels’ picture. I have been working on it for a couple of weeks, as it’s a project I’ve needed to do when I’m alone, otherwise my lovely new materials might be borrowed by my little people. My art box is hidden away, sometimes I need something that is just mine.  I can’t believe I did this picture, I didn’t have the confidence or skills at school and was advised to do Physics GCSE instead of Art so to be able to produce a picture has made me proud.


IMG_0086 (1)

It’s been fresh in the mornings so the hats and scarves have been washed and used on the school run. The problem is that it’s been quite warm and nice in the afternoons so it’s a quick check to ensure that they are in the bags and not lost in week 1!


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