The Tooth Fairy


One of the saddest things about adopting our two beautiful children has been missing out on their early life, we never knew them as babies just little toddlers. Little man’s homework this weekend had me searching for his life book to find out his birth weight and height, facts I’m sure Mums can recite off without thinking but not me. We also never got to experience any of those special firsts written about in baby books, birthdays, Christmas, words, steps, teeth etc.. until tonight!

This evening after a lot of wiggling and wobbling, Little Miss’ first baby tooth fell out and she is now dreaming of the tooth fairy. The Ben and Holly Tooth Fairy episode was a favourite when we were younger so we’re all very excited about a visit tonight. And nobody more than me, I have had my little Tooth Fairy bag ready for months to hide under her pillow with a beautiful personalised message printed on one side and a very special letter too. These are the moments I want to make magical and precious, it is my delight to add the sparkles to my children’s lives. I wasn’t able to do it in their baby years so I want to make everything so joyful and sparkling that they feel so special and loved throughout their childhoods with me and Mr S.


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