Little Sparkles

I think I lulled myself into an unrealistic scenario last week as we returned to school. It was a very relaxed start to the school term, I worked fewer hours thanks to the bank holiday and Inset, the children only had two days at school and Mr S was on hand to help as he enjoyed a week off. This week the realism has kicked in, 5 days at school for the children, Brownies, Gymnastics, Ballet and Football clubs have started, Mr S is back at work and it’s been a much busier week at my work with some overtime too to relieve some of the early pressure on our department. We’re getting our routines back in order and I’m sure it’ll all be much easier and smoother in the coming weeks. Despite the busy week, I have had the chance to meet up with a friend for coffee. It was a much needed catch up and because of her sad summer, a conversation which has put much into perspective and helped to clarify the important things in life as her and her family have experienced the fragility of life and strength of love. Strangely, I left inspired and grateful. Here are more sparkles from this week, because despite all the busyness there are always shimmers in our days…


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I am currently helping on a research project with Little Man, it’s a really simple questionnaire each week for a year which takes a few minutes to complete online. As a token of thanks, for the past 4 months work, I received a gift token this week so treated myself to a couple of books. My first book is Life After You by Lucie Brownlee, the true story of a young widow as she tries to deal with her husband’s unexpected death. It is such a tragic storyline but I don’t feel it’s been written as powerfulIy and detailed as it could have, I would have liked to know more about the characters especially her young daughter, anecdotes, ways of dealing with the grief etc.. It’s quite a contrast to a similar book I picked up by chance which is excellent, Mum’s List, the tears streamed as I read that book and it’s a story which has stayed with me.

I also read a comment for my blog this week, my first ever, thank you so much Lisa.  I was excited, scared and it brought a dilemma which I think I’ll address in another post, I don’t publicise my blog for a number of sincere reasons, is now the time I bite the bullet and embrace the world of blogging, leaving comments and joining in linkies which I love to read?  Lots of different issues to ponder here.



A nostalgic watch this week as I switched on CBBC’s 30th anniversary programme. I only saw little bits and pieces as it was on at the bewitching hour of 6 o’clock which is a very busy time in our household but I got to see Philip Schofield and Gordon the Gopher and Andi Peters and Edd the duck. I was very excited, although the children didn’t seem overly impressed by my generation’s presenters. I had forgotten how funny Andi Peters was and I’ve always had a soft spot for Philip Schofield. Not only did Phillip Schofield do the broom cupboard he hosted a request show on Radio 1 on Thursday evenings which was required listening for teenage girls. My friend and I were really into music at the time and found out the number 1s from when we were born, hers was an unknown song, Mouldy Old Dough which we couldn’t find anywhere, so she wrote in to Phillip who played her song on his show, it cemented his reputation as our hero!


I listened to my manager give me my annual appraisal this week. I was very happy with it, I love my job and enjoy what I do (despite the appalling government interference and political agenda) What struck me as she spoke to me was that she could have been describing my wonderful mentor whom I have always tried to model myself on. I have been teaching 20 years now and perhaps I have finally become the teacher I always aspired to.  I do think working part time has given me more energy and focus.


With a busy week, there has been little kitchen inspiration this week. However, at the county fair we bought an amazing assortment of cheeses in the food tents and I have made some rather nice cheese and biscuits this week, the cheddar and ginger is my current favourite although there are cheeses still to try!



Another limited category this week, jeans and polo for work and leggings and tunics on my days off. At the fair, I did treat myself to this beautiful daisy necklace and have enjoyed wearing it on my days off, I am a silver girl and it complements other pieces well.


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