The Spanish Steps and Hot Chestnuts


Twelve years ago today, Mr S and I sat down on the Spanish Steps after our wedding earlier in the day and cuddled up together nibbling hot chestnuts and reflected on the day and imagined our future.  It was a moment of blissful happiness and one of those snapshots of your life, I even remember my outfit, the beautiful cream dress I had changed into, the strappy sandals and the tiara in my hair.   What made the scene even more special was that In May 1999, Mr S and I had sat in the same spot and talked about our future, I think it was at this time I realised that he was the ‘one’ after only 6 months together and following a very emotional and honest talk on the Spanish Steps, we moved in together after the holiday.

Twelve years after our wedding, he still remains the one.  Neither of us are ones for grand, romantic gestures but in all our years together, he has always been there for me.  We have had some pretty tough times, but I will never forget the love and support he gave me through all our IVF attempts and how he enthusiastically embraced the idea of adoption.  In the adoption process every aspect of your life is analysed and questioned and for a reserved person this was difficult but he did everything he could to make our dream of having a family come true.  He is a wonderful Dad and has so much love, patience and fun to share.  Twelve years on, we still agree to disagree, both get irritated by each other’s quirks but know that what we have is special and strong.  I could not have a kinder, more supportive and loving husband and I am truly grateful for my dolce vita.

Happy anniversary Mr S.



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