Little Sparkles

We’re getting into the swing of the Summer holidays now and with the much improved weather, much of our time is being spent outside, especially with the sandy beach so close to home. Its been a busy week with carnival and I’ve celebrated my birthday too. With so much going on, I may try to update our bucket list in a new post, we’ve ticked more off this week and had lots of fun.


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This week I read an absolutely stunning book, Hope in a Shoe by Michaela dePrince. It is the harrowing and inspirational autobiography of the ballerina Michaela dePrince and her traumatic early life in Sierra Leone, her adoption by an American couple and her commitment and hard work to becoming a professional ballerina. It is an incredible story, both heartbreaking and inspiring and it is difficult to read in parts, Michaela witnessed unspeakable horrors and for much of the first part of the story, tears streamed down my face. This is a must read story, I finished it in less than a day and I would love to see Michaela in a ballet, a real story of triumph over adversity.


As I’m running more, I’ve updated my play lists again and added some music from my Uni days. I found some digital recordings of one of my favourite bands of the time Pele on iTunes so they have been added to my iPod, I’ve been running with a little skip as I remember happy times.

Inspired by last week’s ballet, I also downloaded some ballet scores and have been listening to them in the evening.

I also heard a beautiful song on the Radio 2 breakfast show’s golden oldie segment today, The Special Years by Val Doonican. At the time, little Miss and I were getting breakfast ready and the words were so poignant

” From little girl to wife

And in between are the special years

You remember all of your life

The special years are filled

With sweet promises and pain

But love will never taste

Quite so wonderful again

So slow up, don’t rush to grow up

You’ll be a woman before long

So stay awhile in the special years “

And no I can’t believe it either that Val Doonican is my listening of the week!


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  WP_20150725_030 (3)

Well with carnival there’s a lot to watch, as part of the carnival festivities I’ve watched It’s a Knockout, Titan the Robot, two nights of fireworks, a dog show, an acrobatic air display and the parade,  In carnival week, you need your programme to plan your time carefully.

Amazingly amongst all this I finally watched the film Jersey Boys which has been on my Sky + box for a while.  I love a good sound track and this film has a cracking play list.   Whilst I liked the film I imagine that I would like the musical far better, I think it would have more energy and vibe


WP_20150725_025 (3)

With a busy week, I haven’t spent much time either in the house or kitchen this week. I made some peach tarts to use up some pastry and peaches on Sunday and then my other notable make is a salad so I could try my birthday gift of a food processor to slice the ingredients.  I am delighted by my present, it was very much my choice and although Mr S did hesitate to buy me something so practical I convinced him I really did want it.



After a few weeks of warmer clothes it was back to shorts and tee shirts this week, yippee.  I’m also wearing my new Essie nail varnish, another birthday gift, this time from my Father-in-Law.  He is always exceptionally kind and generous to me but asks me to choose my own gift.  I chose some new Essie nail varnishes and Benefit make up.


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