Happy Days

good life

Today has been one of those ordinary days brimming with special happy moments.  Its the little things that make life special and whilst I have no photos, I was too busy in the moment to capture images on my phone, I have lots of happy memories of today ….

1.  An early morning run in warm sunshine through the fields and woods looking out to the calm sea.

2.  A potter down town with Little Miss, our hands held tightly together and happy chatter as we walked.

3. Chatting with other customers in the busy bakery as we queued for our freshly baked bread.

4.  Signing up for a reading challenge in the library and choosing new books.

5. Admiring a new window display in the Art Gallery window and falling in love with a piece which thanks to my upcoming birthday will be a much loved and valued present.

6.  A lovely piece of post, the Shaun the Sheep trails sent through by my parents in anticipation of our visit in the Summer holidays.

7.  A delicious lunch, bread, cheese, hummus and crudites with fresh juicy peaches as dessert.  Sunshine food.

8.  An afternoon on the beach, playing and paddling and trying to find the different shells from a poster.  The Jazz festival was taking place in the field behind so we got to enjoy some beautiful music.

9.  Watching Little Miss watering and pottering around the garden, she is Mr S very keen and knowledgeable garden helper.

10. An England win in the first Ashes Test match, not just for the result but for the spirit, skill and team ethic.

11.  An email with photos of my friend’s very grown up son celebrating his 12th birthday, he’s such a lovely boy and a bit of a hero to my two.

Such happy moments today mean that I am feeling very content and blessed this evening relaxing with Mr S and watching the cricket highlights.  I do believe in the quote

“Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you’ll look back and realise they were the big things”


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