Little Sparkles

After the tension of the General Election, its been a quiet week, so quiet that some of my links may be quite tenuous this week!   Mr S was busy at work this weekend on a big project so I was on my own with the children, it certainly made me appreciate what a wonderful Dad he is to our children and how involved he is in their lives.  Whilst I enjoyed our time, I missed our family day on Sunday and felt a little lonely without Mr S.



Our library is brilliant in so many ways, the librarians are wonderful they know all the local children’s names, run book activities for all age groups, have lots of subject  knowledge and are so helpful.  One of their inspirational ideas is downstairs in the children’s library where they have a rack of adult books so busy Mums like me can help the children choose their books and get a book themselves too.  I chose this book last Saturday and had finished it by Tuesday night.  Jane Green was one of the original Chick Lit authors, its a term that sometimes is deemed quite derogatory but there are times when you need a light, fluffy story you can lose yourself in.    Saving Grace fitted this need perfectly this week and I thoroughly enjoyed it.



I really need to update my IPod with some new music, I love my music but its all a bit nostalgic at present and I need something new.  This song has been played lots on the radio this week and I love its groove.  My favourite songs are those I can sing and dance loudly to in the kitchen.



I was rather proud of my plans for the weekend, determined to spend quality time with the children I had planned trips to the library and playground, walks among the blue bells etc..  yet I think the time the children enjoyed the most this weekend was unscripted, making a bug hotel in our garden.   I watched as for nearly two hours Little Miss and Little Man created a Bug hotel from the bricks and stones in the garden, they found a few snails to be their guests and then found food too.  I loved their cooperation, communication and ideas, they were so imaginative and creative in making their simple idea a reality.


247ad56fea5560beaef3885166250c1c (2)

I made a presentation at work this week to a key team of education leaders on creating a professional development program for our education staff.  Its something I have been developing for a while and am genuinely enthusiastic about our ideas.  The presentation went well but now its the hard work of writing and delivering, an exciting challenge.



Model from Wallis pages, though I have a very similar pair of shoes

Well the weather has taken a cold turn, its hard to imagine that this time a month ago I was wearing shorts and t shirt.  This week I’ve been wearing my new Wallis cropped trousers.  They are so comfortable and the cut, material and design are perfect.  They have been layered with long sleeves and jumpers but will look equally good with my Summer tops (soon)


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