I have recently got a Fitbit charge and I love it!  It is very motivating and addictive and I am definitely looking for ways to add more steps into my routine.  As my recovery from my leg injury is slow and running is still unattainable its a good measure of fitness.  I have read that 10000 steps a day shows an active lifestyle and over 12500 a very active lifestyle so am aiming for 10000 as a minimum.  This week’s log shows a holiday week so I will be keen to see if I can maintain the steps: I am able to walk them easily but its the pressure of time during the school week which means I jump into the car.  My sister-in-law is my challenger, we were busy sharing our strategies at the weekend, although our husbands simply didn’t get the attraction of the device.  As well as the competition, I love the little badges, they appeal to the teacher in me!  The time, stunning weather led to a strong week, the challenge is to continue this performance!


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