Charming Promo Poster for David Heyman's 'Padding

Its rare that we go to see a film on opening weekend, our nearest multiplex cinema is a 40 mile round trip so we have to be very excited to make such plans.  Today was one of those films that we were all keen to see and wishing to have a quiet relaxed weekend before all the Christmas parties and events sprinkle the diary, it was the perfect timing.

Paddington was one of those books and television programmes which I fondly remember as a child and its charm and wit were beautifully transferred to this film.  Its a timeless film which could be set in any decade, but it had a magical quality, I loved the scenes in the antique shop and around London a mix of fantasy and fairy tale against the city setting.  The children loved the slapstick but for me it was the beauty of the themes which made the film.  Its about belonging, with poignant references to World War 2 child evacuees and the importance of being and loving as a family.  It felt so relevant to our family life and a few tears did fall in the darkness of the cinema.

This story was such a part of my childhood that I reminisced with the children of when Granfer would take me to find Paddington Bear at Paddington station.  I remember the Paddington so well, a very large plush Paddington Bar in a glass case and I loved it.  I’ve since been on the Internet and cannot find an image anyway, its so frustrating when you can remember something so clearly in your head but cannot find any evidence on the net.  Now, there is a statue at Paddington station and whilst it looks lovely, for me  it doesn’t have the same charm and style of the 1970/80s model.


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