Monkey Business



Whilst many neighbourhoods may have a dog or cat home, we are rather different and have a monkey sanctuary in our community.  It is an amazing facility, one man’s dream and vision to rescue and nurture primates subjected to cruelty and exploitation.  By each enclosure there are introductions to the animals with their names, characteristics and history.  Their stories can make for difficult reading as you read of animals in small crates found in labs for testing, used as a prop for tourist photos, locked away as a pet in appalling conditions, you do question people’s humanity until you realise the teams of people rescuing and looking after these animals, I do believe that the good guys outnumber the bad guys and there is evidence at the sanctuary that education and communication are changing attitudes and the living conditions of animals.  Personally I am uncomfortable with the concept of a zoo with cages yet this is my compromise as I know that its purpose is not to entertain the public but simply as a rehabilitation centre which attracts visitors.  In their literature, the centre makes no apology for the mix of animals, arguing that it reacts to need and not a paying pubic.

The Monkey centre is a great day out.  I find it fascinating to observe the primates and the grounds are lovely to walk around.  It caters really well for children and has a number of play parks, we enjoyed the ape park today, so much climbing and scrambling in nets.  I hope that by our frequent visits the children will develop an awareness of animal cruelty and proactively oppose such practices.


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