A Snowy Mess


As soon as I uttered the words to my husband, as we enjoyed a cup of tea and a lie in in bed, I knew that our luck might be out.  The delighted giggles and whispered words from the playroom had prompted me to comment on how lovely it was that the children were now old enough to play together nicely and enjoy little adventures.  As we discovered they were certainly having an adventure and it was only when we heard them go into the kitchen to collect a dustpan and brush that we started to investigate.  Mr S got to the playroom first and called me with a bit of panic in his voice, you’re not going to believe this.  As I walked into the room all I could see was a snowy mess, hundreds of the small poly balls from the bean bag had been spilt everywhere.  Whilst Mr S was a little stressed I did find the situation quite funny.  I’ve cleaned up split bean bags before at work so wasn’t over whelmed about the tidying up.  We haven’t quite discovered why the bean bag was opened, it was done carefully so no lasting damage to the beanbag, I think they just wanted some cargo for the carriages of the train set they were playing with at the time and then discovered it was fun to play with the small, light balls, a real sensory experience!  The tidy up did delay my morning run, we all mucked in together but at least the play room is spotless and I think a lesson has been learnt that an open bean bag can cause an awful lot of mess.     


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