The Skate Park

Today was one of those rare days this holiday where we had no plans.  Its a nice feeling sometimes just to see where the day takes you and after some household chores, we decided on a trip to the skate park.  This necessitated that our first job was to fix Little Man’s scooter, it only needed a few adjustments and a screw to be tightened and once I had found the correct tool it was quickly done but to my son my skills brought me near super hero status.  It’s refreshing to play super hero Mummy rather than firm but fair Mummy!  On arrival at the skate park, there was great excitement all round, for the children two new jumps have been installed and for me, it finally has a bench, no more sitting on the tarmac.  When you visit the park as often as we do, the bench is a big thing; comfortable seating and I now have a great view of all the park, rather than having to jump up and down as I used to so I could see the children behind the jumps etc..

The park was empty when we arrived so lots of time and space to play, try a few tricks and generally act cool. No matter what the age, it appears you need a bit of a swagger to walk into a skate park.  After a while, a friend of Little Man scooted in too and with his siblings and my two they all had a fantastic time riding, jumping and twirling.  It was so nice to enjoy a relaxed chat with their Mum, she is just such a happy, positive and bubbly person and you can’t help but feel inspired and excited about life.  As we left the skate park, the children a little more practiced with their riding skills, me, happy and refreshed, what more can you ask for from a morning?


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