My Sunday Photo #14

There is something special about a lido on a hot summer’s day. The kitsch decor, swimming in the open air, sunbathing on the steps and a picnic lunch, glorious fun.


My Sunday Photo #13

This photo shows the app I’ve been avidly using this week, Google maps. My weekly driving miles are around 30, 20 of which are used on our weekly swimming lesson trip so it’s been a bit of a surprise to have driven over 300 miles this week! It was just one of those odd weeks when everything came together and was a mix of work and family miles. I have been all over our county and surrounding areas and Google maps has been amazing at route planning. I’ve enjoyed the driving, buzzing around with music blaring and the sun shining brightly. I live in a beautiful part of the country and the scenery has been stunning.

Being the mum who decided to go for it!


Last week, I found myself doing some quite different things; within 6 days I had been to a roller disco, done every slide at least once at a water park and had my first kayak lesson.  Looking back on the week, I wondered if I was going through a mid life crisis trying to prove that I had the fitness, stamina and spirit to do these activities.  Perhaps this is true, I was 37 when I finally became a mum after years of fertility treatment and the adoption process, much older than I had hoped.  I always wanted to be one of those mums who did things with her children, who was present not simply physically but experiencing the moment too.  I also feel that its up to me to be that sporty active parent as Mr S suffered significant injuries in an accident when he was younger so cannot do all I can.

The activities I did last week were all with or for the children, we went to the roller disco and water park together and I am taking kayak lessons so I can be confident to go out with them on the water.  I want them to be active and adventurous and its up to me to be that example.  This may sound all very noble, but the main reason I do these activities is for fun, to live in the moment and enjoy time with my children.  We only have 18 summers with our children, I missed 2 for Little Miss and 1 for Little Man when they were in care so my 18 is reduced, we’re now half way through our childhood summers and there is still so much I want to share with my children.  We have many more adventures to plan and experience and I intend to be the mum who says yes and goes for it, life is too short to live on the side lines.

My Sunday Photo #12

Well on a week in which I did so much there is a real lack of photos to accompany the experiences. Understandably no cameras are allowed at the water park and I was too busy staying afloat and holding onto my paddle to take photos at my kayak lesson. It’s been a funny week, an Inset day for the children, 2 extra days of holiday for me and Little Miss on a residential but it’s back to our normal routine next week.

This week’s photo was taken in our garden where Little Miss and Mr S have been very carefully growing vegetables in our raised beds. Our pea pods started to appear this week and we’re all now looking forward to the harvest.

Dear Little Miss ..

My little note to you hidden in your case x

Dear Little Miss


This is now the longest time we’ve ever been apart since we became a family eight years ago.  I’m missing you; your cuddles, kisses and companionship.  The house seems so much quieter and emptier without you.  Its not the first time you’ve been away from home, as you have done a Brownie sleepover but this school residential feels different.  It is an adventure and you are trying new and exciting activities without me there to encourage and cheer you on.  You are now old enough to be creating special memories with your friends as well as your family and I’m sure the PGL trip of Year 5 will become a much treasured trip for you all.

Thanks to digital technology, Daddy and I have been able to see you throughout the trip on the school feed, we’ve admired the photos of you abseiling, raft building, fencing, whizzing down the longest zip wire I’ve ever seen and just playing with your friends.  It all looks so much fun and there you are smiling, confident and looking so grown up.  I’ve heard it was you that started the singing on the coach and I’ve seen the video of the raft and you leaping into the water with so much zest and squealing in delight as you splash down.  You were so excited about PGL and now you’re there you seem to be relishing every moment and I couldn’t be prouder. This is what life is about its trying new things and embracing every opportunity, please never lose your energy, enthusiasm and passion for life, it makes you the very special young lady you are.

I am so looking forward to seeing you tomorrow and although I’ve missed you, this trip has been amazing for you.  I can’t wait to hear of all your adventures and to start planning new ones too.

Lots of love

Mummy xx

#18for2018 Go to a roller disco


Its been a while since I posted a #18for2018 update however I haven’t forgotten about my project its just that many items are works in progress.  For example,  I’ve read 20 books this year of which 3 have been 5 star reads according to my Good Reads account where I have been writing a review for each book.  I’ve been playing some summer sports; cricket and rounders have been ticked off but I want to include more.  I’m running to a schedule and have a kayak lesson booked for next week, so am feeling confident to meet these although the distance may need to be changed.  The ones on wearing a pretty pair of heeled shoes and to look after my feet are a little more difficult since my diagnosis of arthritis in my right foot but I’m looking to be creative here too, I have a new pair of sparkly flip flops, which along with pumps are the only shoes I can wear in comfort at present! I am still confident that I will complete my list this year.

However today I have one of my #18for 2018 to tick off and report on #12 Go to a roller disco. When I created my list for 2018, it was about doing something fun, something different or simply getting out of my comfort zone.  I chose the roller disco because I’ve grown up watching the American movies where they go to such discos and they look fun. I often go to the Christmas ice rinks which pop up in December and can skate my way around the rink with a quiet confidence so I decided that I wanted to try a roller disco, different skates but a similar style I predicted.  I was wrong! As soon I laced up my boots and stood up, I wobbled, you can walk fairly easily balanced on the blade of an ice skate, the four wheels of a skate don’t allow you to do this! It was at this point, I realised that it was probably 30 years since I had last worn roller skates.  For the first few circuits Little Man and I clung to the side but we did grew more confident, daring and determined as we progressed, Little Miss was superb from her first steps! It was so good to see how Little Man started frustrated and angry and was dabbing and dancing by the end, one of my happiest memories of the trip will be to us dancing (upper body only as we were never perfected twists and turns on the skates) to Upton Funk, it was one of those in the moment occasions, a shared joy.