#Blogtober17 : Day 13 : Movies

This picture is from the website cinematreasures.org.  It is dated July 10th 1992, exactly the period when I worked at this cinema and yes I remember the films, The player was a very clever  film, the Lawnmower man creepy and Sleepwalkers all about vampires.


Its #Blogtober17 day 13 and the prompt is movies.   Despite Sky cinema, Netflix etc.. I think the best way to watch a film is at a cinema, the big screen, sound and atmosphere cannot be beaten. When I was a student, I used to be an usherette at our local Odeon cinema and it was one of the best jobs I ever had. I worked in the early 90s at the cinema, so I’m pretty good on films from this era in pub quizzes! Everything about working at a cinema was great, the films, staff and fantastic perks for after work, free taxi home, free entry into night clubs, we often had a good night out after work! I loved my colleagues, the young ones for some cracking nights out but also I really appreciated chatting to the old projectionists and usherettes, some of whom had worked at the cinema for 40 years, I learnt so much about film and the industry from them. My favourite film ever is Cinema Paradiso and I was lent it by these staff, the projectionist in the film is so like the three projectionists who I used to work with and who were all so wise and lovely. With my interest in cinema I often got to help do extra little jobs and one perk was watching the press previews of films, the best preview was The Commitments, a film I still love. It was great working when a big new film came out, the screen would be buzzing and the audience reaction great, two of the best films for reactions were Silence of the Lambs and Terminator 2, you would always get a cheer when Arnie said ‘I’ll be back.’ One Easter the Jungle Book was on re-release and one showing proved to be one of the most fun screenings ever, the audience all sang along to the songs and all cheered at the end. You don’t get that from watching a film at home.


I still love going to see the cinema, not the big multiplexes but those in town centres run by the Odeon (loyalty to a fantastic employer) or small independents. I still get the same buzz from seeing a big film and a trip to the cinema is always a big treat.


#Blogtober17 : Day 12 : Love

OMG what can I possibly write about love, its everything in our lives, it keeps us secure, safe and strong and provides us with care, comfort and kindness. Mr S and I aren’t soppy but we try to show love in our own little ways and I hope we do the same for our children too. We always tell each other we love each other, every text message has a kiss, I love you is the last thing I say every evening to my family and we have a little catch phrase, I love you, love you more, love you most ..

In planning this post, I thought about my favourite love songs, films and books for inspiration. After reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Professor Snape became my all time romantic hero. For romantic films, Love Actually does it for me every time. I love my music and there are so many powerful love songs, however The Beatles Something gives me the tingles as it’s such a beautiful song.

However, love isn’t a song, book or film it’s a feeling, a comfort and something we can all show in little ways every day.  My favourite definition comes from the Bible and Corinthians, yes its read at every church wedding but the words are powerful and offer strong advice.


Image from wwww.favim.com



#Blogtober17 : Day 11 : My Kitchen


My kitchen is my happy place in our home. It is cosy, light and comforting and it’s the room where I spend most of my time, I do the normal kitchen chores here, but I also use the table to sew on, help the children with their homework, write up blog posts, do crafts or spread my newspaper across the table and enjoy every section. I spend time in the kitchen doing my happy things, I love baking and cooking and my kitchen is full of gadgets and accessories. The radio is always playing in my kitchen too, nothing beats a little kitchen disco.

We have transformed our kitchen since we moved into the house in 2004, we’ve had an extension and part of the original kitchen is now a shower room. I am so proud of the design and how it fits our family life perfectly. My one vision in designing the kitchen was that I wanted the table to be the centre piece, the table where we sit as a family for meals, do homework and play. By this table, we have a window which looks out onto the front garden and which I decorate for every special occasion. Another special request with our kitchen design was a tall thin cupboard for my brushes, steam cleaner and ironing board, it’s the little things which make me happy!

I love the special touches in my kitchen which personalise our space, there’s Gromit who keeps me company and gets dressed up for special occasions too. My lightbox is so much fun and changes with the events and themes of the week. I have my drawer full of baking goodies, moulds, cutters, and a bright cutting board with colourful knives. I also add colour with a variety of season coloured bunting.

So the kitchen is my happy place where I get to do my favourite things, bake, cook, eat, dance and write either on my own or with my friends and family.




#blogtober17 : Day 10 : Jokes

I am useless at telling jokes and I have one joke I am able to remember.  What do you call a donkey with three legs?  Wonkey.  Boom, boom.

I might be rubbish at telling jokes but I appreciate humour.  I grew up watching Victoria Wood, French and Saunders, Julie Walters and have always liked the more satirical , current affairs programmes like Spitting Image, Have I got news for you, Drop the Dead Donkey.  However there is a programme which makes me laugh so much I cry. It’s a bit of a guilty secret but I adore You’ve Been Framed!  I never laugh like this in real life but I crack up and laugh myself hoarse when I watch it.  I’m as much of the entertainment for my children as the clips.  I put this down to being a healthy release from the stress of everyday life.  Everybody needs to laugh and as I’m useless with jokes I find my laughter in silly video clips.


#blogtober17 : Day 9 : Ice cream


We are live in a beautiful small seaside resort, known for its timelessness and traditional seaside customs.  Ice cream is therefore a big thing in our town and there are a number of excellent local ice cream parlours where fresh ice cream is made on site.  I never have ice cream in the freezer at home, ice cream is always a treat for the beach and a chance to sample the most amazing flavours.  Whilst I am a total chocoholic  I prefer a fruitier flavour in an ice cream although this can be complemented by a little chocolate,e.g. raspberry and white chocolate. I like that I never know what is going to be on offer at the counter, the ice cream is made daily and offers a huge variety, it’s unusual to have the same flavour twice!

Ice cream is always a treat, it may be our (slightly unhealthy) snack as we play on the beach but it’s fun and yummy.   I love that we have a little tradition that our special reward at the end of the first day of the school year is always a trip to the ice cream parlour and I’m hoping this will continue to college days.

Along with fish and chips, ice cream is one of those special seaside foods and I’m grateful to live somewhere where I can indulge my love of  ice cream.

Fresh, locally produced ice creams, how can I possibly resist?


#blogtober17 : Day 8 : Holidays


Mr S and I are very different with our memories of childhood holidays. He has happy memories of annual beach holidays in the UK and European coach trips, whilst my family holidays were haphazard, I remember a holiday to Bournemouth and the Isle of Wight when we were young, some road trips to northern Europe and a couple of family holidays to sunny Europe in my mid teens.

As a couple, holidays have always been important to us, we work hard and play hard. Before children we had some amazing holidays, Australia, the Caribbean and cruises. We saved hard for every holiday and would have a luxury holiday every few years with a UK based holiday in between. When the children arrived, we discovered Butlins and it’s now a very special place for us. We ventured abroad together for the first time as a family in 2013, my 40th birthday present was a family holiday to Mallorca, and we have been abroad many times since, we love the sunshine, pools and beaches. For today’s #blogtober17, I’m doing a best and worst holiday.  I feel a little guilty that our best wasn’t a family holiday, but perhaps that is still to come (Disneyland, USA?) However, I will always have very special memories of Mallorca as our favourite family destination.

My best holiday – Australia 2002. Mr S is a huge cricket fan and we went on an organised Ashes tour to Melbourne and Sydney. Thanks to a generous exchange rate, we stayed in the best hotels I have ever stayed in. Our room in The 4 Seasons in Sydney overlooked the Opera House and was stunning. It was just the best holiday, I fell in love with Australia and got to visit all the places I had dreamed of, the Opera House, Bondi beach and Pin Oak Court, to those non Neighbours fans this is the real life Ramsey Street. Looking back this was our pre wedding honeymoon. On a boat in Sydney harbour on New Year’s eve we made a resolution to get married in the coming year, which we did in a quiet ceremony in August. We did return to Australia again in 2006 and it was another brilliant holiday, but nothing beats the magic of our first visit to Australia.

Worst holiday – Christmas (I can’t remember the year it’s still a blur) We had a romantic idea of Christmas in Cornwall and found the perfect venue, a cottage on a farm, where we imagined walks in the countryside, open fires and enjoying home cooked meals, for which I had brought recipe books etc..  The reality was a little different, it snowed heavily and the roads were treacherous with snow and black ice. We would have coped with this if the central heating had been working but it was very temperamental and we were freezing, the limited kitchen meant my grand cooking ideas were difficult to realise too. On Christmas day, after becoming a little stir crazy inside, we tried to get out of the cottage and the car slid on the black ice into a wall, fortunately with minimal damage. It was at this point we admitted defeat and as soon as the thaw began we left early for the comfort and warmth of home.



#blogtober17 : Day 7 : Goals


I used to be goal driven, above are a few examples of my goal setting and planning. I think I was trying to take control of my life at this time, it was a time of great uncertainty for me and the goals and plans helped. I am pretty good at sticking to a plan and realised many of my goals in this period.

I feel incredibly lucky to be in the place I am today, I don’t have any burning goals personally or professionally, however I keep myself amused with little projects and a wish list. For today’s #blogtober17, I’m sharing my current wish list which is as near as I get to setting goals at present. It is not in any particular order and is simply a list of things I would like to achieve one day!

  1. Run a marathon (just one, London preferably)
  2. Visit Disney World with Mr S and the children.
  3. Go to New York (the no.1 on my places to visit list)
  4. Perfect that capsule wardrobe!
  5. Learn simple dressmaking skills.
  6. Be mortgage free by 50 (we’re on target)
  7. Learn to kayak properly and row across our bay.
  8. Lead a greener lifestyle, grow my own veggies.
  9. Read voraciously.
  10. Live the healthiest life I can, happily!

I’m looking forward to reading others’ goals and see if any inspire me to add to this list.