My weeks …. the ones with lots of running and flowers.

This is one of my fortnightly catch ups instead of my preferred weekly posts. Last week I wanted to wait to the half marathon on Sunday to write up my race, but feeling tired I chose to wait until Monday night. We then got the Ofsted call on Monday at work and my whole week was changed.

So much has happened in the past two weeks, I don’t really know where to start. My professional life was particularly busy on both weeks, there’s a lot going on at present and its an important period of my career, change is ahead… The Ofsted inspection was a bit of a surprise (we were working on it being a bit later due to pandemic delays) and it also coincided with a Covid outbreak at work. Our town is now in the black rating for Covid, the worst on the chart. This made for a very different style of inspection as my first one leading the education department. However it was a positive experience and I was so proud of my team and students. I have been given 4 bunches of flowers in the past few days, one from my children for mothers day which is today and the others for my work on the inspection. Its lovely to be appreciated.

It has also been a busy running period. I love my parkruns but until last weekend the closest was 20 miles away, however one has now opened in our town, less than a mile from home which is much more convenient and eco friendly, no more car journeys. For the first week, we all went to help the set up and the girls ran whilst the boys cheered us on. I hadn’t been expecting to run this Saturday but a Covid cancellation of our planned activity (not us) meant I could run. Its a stunning but brutal course, 4 hills and possibly the hilliest parkrun in the country. I’m loving it, its hard but as it is only 5k manageable. Next week, I’m visiting my parents and planning on doing their local parkrun, its flat and fast, quite a contrast. In addition to the parkruns, I also managed to tick off one of the items on my 22for2022 list, run a half marathon last Sunday. It was extremely well organised and the first half was delightful, flat, a mix of the prom and country park in spring bloom, but the second half was definitely much harder with a few steep hills. I was so pleased to have completed it, especially as its only five months following my foot operation. My next running challenge is to complete 50 parkruns and then I’ll need to think of a new goal. I do like a little running challenge.

Family time has been quite limited in the past fortnight, I worked late this week due to Ofsted and my son has been away on scout camp this weekend. However last Saturday we all made pizzas from scratch. We have a different theme each Saturday as our special meal of the week. The pizzas were fun to make and delicious and simply quality family time. This week with my son away we did Chinese as he’s not keen in it and we love it.

Unusually, we’re not together next weekend either as we’re off to our parents separately, the boys are off to Grandad’s to see a special car show and do some jobs for him and the girls are off to my parents for shopping and a catch up. Then we’ll be back together for lots of family time, especially during the Easter holiday.

This week I’m looking forward to a quiet, non eventful week, i need one!

My weeks … with a few too many tough times.

Sometimes, life just doesn’t work out how we would like it to and I’m feeling a bit sad at present. Its not one thing, just a perfect storm at home of teenage angst, sibling rivalry and jealousy and whilst I try to compartmentalise my life, work is pretty horrible too. I am looking for a new job but working in such a niche position means that this is challenging. I did have an interview this week but despite positive feedback was told that I needed a greater breadth of experience in my field. I am finding that looking for a job is very time consuming, preparing a stand out application form and then all the work to prepare for the interview. I am still a bit bruised from my experience last week and have another interview tomorrow. However, Mr S is really good at not only comforting me but offering a sense of perspective and encouragement and I feel ready for the next interview.

It was pancake this past fortnight and for the first time ever, I had a total fail at pancakes. I have no idea what happened, I make them as a treat throughout the year and have never had a problem, yet this Shrove Tuesday, they stuck to the pan (regardless of the quantity of oil) It just seemed to sum up my week, but in fairness we all laughed it off and I’ve promised to practice again soon.

With all the focus on work, there’s not been much time for other things. I have been burning my fancy candle to enjoy little pleasures on challenging days. I have escaped into books, I’ve never seen the film Wonder, and was keen to read the story which was wonderful, a five star read. I’m around half way through The Light We Lost, which is very readable. I’m finding that I don’t have the desire to sit through any of the gritty dramas or thrillers on tv at present, the one programme I am watching is The Marvellous Mrs Maisel, I love the fashion and style of the drama which is full of brilliant characters.

When things get you down its always good to recognise the nice bits in life. On my way to school one morning this week, I saw a group of women in the sea jumping the waves, their laughter filled the bay and their happiness was infectious. I also took the children to the swimming pool as they were keen to return to the inflatables they had done in the half term and their enjoyment helped me too. I did miss parkrun one Saturday but returned this week, the best prescription for a tough week. One of the presenters of my favourite podcast, With Me Now had visited one of our local parkruns and I really enjoyed listening to the podcast as his report did reflect its great setting and friendly feel. Its a big week for me running wise next week, a secret venue on Saturday and then my first half marathon race for well over a decade on Sunday. I think my time as a 48 year old won’t quite reflect my PB as a 36 year old but my aim is to run every step and enjoy it. Given all the issues I had with my foot, I am so pleased to be able to even start a half marathon 5 months after my operation.

I am hoping for a good week, fingers crossed everything works out.

My week … the one with half term.

If I was to create a chart of school holidays, I’m afraid February half term would be at the bottom. The weather’s a bit grey and dreary, outside activities are subject to the changing elements and there’s no big event to celebrate. However it is also a much needed holiday and as this past half term has been tough, it was appreciated.

I feel I completed half term bingo this week. During the last half term in October, I was recovering from my operation and house bound and Christmas was all about keeping Covid safe so we could visit family. This meant that this holiday became about doing things and having fun. There have been lots of missed trips due to the pandemic over the past two years and it was good to catch up.

At the start of the week, my daughter spent two nights with her aunt, so my son and I enjoyed ten pin bowling and the cinema. I much prefer the new set up at the bowling with individual booths and balls. In addition to the bowling, we also played in the arcade, its a not a trip to an arcade without a game of air hockey. At the cinema, we saw Unchartered an Indiana Jones type film which was fun and pure escapism. En route to pick up my daughter, we stopped at a military museum for my son as this is his big interest. It was interesting although given the Russian invasion of Ukraine this week, it did make you wonder what history has taught us all about democracy. It is a very worrying time at present and one hopes that given the universal condemnation and sanctions on Russia that the conflict may be quickly resolved, however I fear not. One of the exhibits at the museum was Hitler’s desk, a strange addition to the museum but it actually made me stone cold and quite sick realising what documents could have been signed there. It was also difficult not to make comparisons between Hitler and Putin. The children have both been asking questions about Ukraine and I’ve been answering as honestly as I can, I’m impressed by their analysis and opinions of the conflict.

With us all back together on Wednesday, we went out to play crazy golf, with a pirate theme. It was great fun and I won! My son and I have an ongoing competition and my win meant I only trail 3-2 now. The children also did an inflatable session at the swimming pool. I did enjoy the inflatables as after lots of driving and doing the activities, I got a little time to myself. I had a lovely cake and coffee and sat with my new book, Rachel Again by Marian Keyes watching the children play from the café window. The book was brilliant, I finished it in tears but was really happy with the ending. There was a personal history to one of the themes in the book and whilst I was sad reading it, it actually left me with a sense of calm and peace.

On Friday, we went to the artificial ski slope for ringos, big tyres which you sit in and slide down the slopes. The ringos at the artificial ski slope were very well received and the children are now keen to return to try snow boarding too. The morning at the ski slope was stunning with bright blue skies and warm sunshine, such a change to the previous week’s storms.

Whilst there was not much time to myself this week, I genuinely treasure this busy half term because as my two are both nearly teenagers there may not be be the opportunity to have half terms like this in future years. However, I did manage to put aside a few hours to do my half marathon training long run of over 12 miles, I was relieved and now believe that I can do the half on March 20th, I’m still full of nerves though! I did my parkrun on Saturday and was privileged to meet the founder of parkrun, Paul Sinton Hewitt who was running at my local parkrun. I am quite shy but did go up and thank him, he was lovely.

Its back to school tomorrow for all three of us who are at school. I have a lot happening professionally and personally in the next few weeks but am pretty organised and ready. I do appreciate the half term week for the chance to have some fun but also plan ahead.

My week … the one with red hearts and a red storm warning.

There is a bit of a colour theme to this week’s entry, red hearts for Valentines day and a red storm warning which meant the children both got an extra day off, starting half term a day early.

It is unusual to have Valentines day in term-time, so I made sure I celebrated the school day for my two with a Valentines day themed packed lunch, heart shaped sandwiches, doodles and notes and some kisses and heart sweets as a special treat. I also treated the classes in my department to a box of hearts and kisses to give the day a little sparkle. I took the approach that Valentines day is for sharing and celebrating all types of love. Little Miss got her first real Valentines card and presents from her boyfriend (belated as he was off with Covid) The teddy is as big as she is and she also got lots of chocolate. They are very sweet together, although I am hyper vigilant! My gift to Mr S was expensive socks, he has been complaining about the holes in his socks which were bought fairly recently so he got a set of new socks, I hope the price reflects the quality. I’m still waiting for my present … TBH, after 23 Valentines day its not really a day we celebrate, we have other significant dates, Halloween (the night we first met) and our wedding anniversary.

It was another week on the Covid roulette, our daughter finished her 7 day testing following cases in her friendship group and our son then had to start his 7 days on the day she finished as there was a case in his class. All clear so far but I do feel its going to catch up with us one day soon. I was out with friends and one has recently had Covid whilst the other had her class all sent home because of the number of cases. Given its prevalence, I find it hard that it is has been suggested that from next week, there will be no self isolation period for Covid.

The Thursday dinner with friends was lovely, we’re still meeting in the garden summer house of a friend and its become our routine to have a meal and lots of treats. I had Thursday off work, so I prepared a veggie lasagne and the host made fresh garlic bread in their garden pizza oven, along with the lightly dressed salad, it was perfect. I love these evenings, although having gone to bed around 12.30, the 5.30 alarm call was a tough one on storm day!

The storm day was a strange one. Everybody seemed really well organised and prepared for the potential disruption and damage but we seemed to have got away quite lightly with it. The wind was incredible at times, with speeds of 90+ mph but amazingly the worse damage at work was a broken roof tile and nothing at home. The high tide was before the strongest winds so the flooding was avoided. I have travelled through the county this weekend and I did see lots of broken trees so there was damage but we were incredibly lucky.

I’ve done a lot of driving this week, nothing in our rural location is near! On Tuesday for work I had a couple of appointments in big town. One of my visits was brilliant and I ended up on the driving range playing golf with some of our students. My job is quite demanding and tough at present, so a half hour of fun was so needed. On Thursday I drove my daughter over to a medical appointment we’ve been waiting for. It was an initial session but it went well and hopefully we will have a follow up in the next month or so. We were early so stopped off at a Costa for a cheeky second breakfast, it helped calm the nerves and relax us both.

This week is finally half term, it was a long time coming. Our daughter is off to stay with her aunt for a couple of days ( and her cousin who is in her early 20s and just the height of coolness and sophistication to her) In her absence, I’ve organised a few treats for my son, with tomorrow being the cinema and bowling. Its a stay at home week as I am exhausted at work and need to be at home and simply catching up on life. We’ve big plans for the next 3 holidays so I’m appreciating the quiet nature of the week.

My week … the one with little pleasures.

An alternative title for this week’s entry would be the one with the Covid roulette! Our daughter’s friends have Covid and there is a sort of inevitability that she’ll come down with it next, we’ve been doing daily tests since Wednesday but she’s still testing negative. Whilst the restrictions seem set to be stopped soon, there does appear to be a lot of Covid in our community at present (my night out got postponed due to Covid this week) and it’ll be interesting to see how things develop in the coming months, is this finally the end?

Its been a quiet week as with the close proximity she’s been to Covid, Little Miss didn’t go to Youth Club on Wednesday and Little Man didn’t go to Scouts on Monday as he had a very late night on Sunday (he loved the football game and whole experience) and coupled with a school trip this week it just seemed too much. I was relieved he didn’t go to Scouts as their night hike took nearly an hour longer in some pretty horrible weather. Little Man is a little under the weather today, its been a long half term and I think he’s tired. However, as has become typical on the first sign of illness, his Covid test is negative too.

This week has been a bit of a home making week. I have updated our bathroom with some new, bright towels in cornflower blue and a new laundry basket, just small changes but ones which have perked up the room. I am also taking real care of my pot plants, its one of my #22for 2022, and one I’m taking pretty seriously, I’ve never bought or used plant food before, let alone researched the best plant care.

My half marathon plan went to schedule this week, with my long run of 10 miles being done on Thursday morning. I was joined by Little Miss on my Tuesday night run and enjoyed a sociable parkrun this morning. I was impressed that I was not achy the day after the long run, and with no ill effects and a feeling that I could have run further I’m feeling hopeful about the half in 5 weeks time. This week is a ‘rest’ week from long runs with my longest run being 6 miles, before a return to two weeks of high mileage.

With being in most evenings this week, I have watched more tv than normal. One evening, Mr S watched the Shane Warne film, and I watched bits too. We were actually at the match in Melbourne where he got his 700th wicket, which is featured and we did get to reminisce about an amazing holiday. I also caught up with the Marian Keyes Imagine documentary. I love Marian Keyes, she is a brilliant writer and her interviews and Twitter feed are so witty and always worth a read or listen. The follow up to Rachel’s Holiday is out next week and I have it on pre order ready to land on my Kindle on its release.

Its the final school week before half term and it feels like such a long half term. Monday is Valentines day so I have a surprise for the children in their lunch boxes and a special treat for our children at school too. Its not a day I generally celebrate but to add a little sparkle to people’s lives in a grey and dreary month seems a worthwhile task.


Since 2018, I have been following Gretchen Rubin’s #18fror2018, #19for2019 etc.. a list of things to achieve during the year as detailed on her podcast, Happier. I have never achieved all my goals and would never put myself under pressure to do so, its a fun list, of things I would like to do and gives a nice focus to the year. I do have a hand written copy in my notebook which has lots of detail, writing in different colours and doodles but as it includes more personal information I have not photographed it and am simply noting down my list here. This year, following suggestions on the pod I have organised the list into themes.


  • Fill our home with more fresh flowers.
  • Create an indoor plant sanctuary.
  • Sparkle with more Christmas lights
  • Do a weekly power hour of fadmin (family admin)


  • Wear pretty shoes (after a successful foot operation, I want to wear more than Converse pumps and trainers!)
  • Try a different style or item of clothing which I would never normally wear.


  • Visit different gardens and delight in multi sensory experiences.
  • Go to the Fashion museum.
  • Run at 5 different parkrun venues.
  • Be a tourist in London with my son. (a Covid casualty for the past two years)
  • Relax at the spa on as many occasions as possible!


  • Use independent businesses where possible.
  • Do something for others.


  • Maintain a healthy weight.
  • Only scroll on social media for 30 minutes a day.
  • Secure a new job.
  • Earn the parkrun red t-shirt. (Finally, after a 16 month Covid pause and a 2 month post op recovery)
  • Run a half marathon.
  • Celebrate the little things every day by writing a line a day.


  • Print off and bind my blog entries from 2014.
  • Discover a new podcast.
  • Have fun ( after the past few Covid years, we need fun and lots of it!)

My week .. the one with a virtual win.

Its been so good to have a quieter week and a little more time to think, breathe and relax. It was a week of simple pleasures and one which I think has helped me to rebalance after recent busy and challenging times.

My highlight this week was completing the virtual Lands End to John O’Groats running challenge. I had planned to run the 874 miles in one calendar year (and was on target) but my operation meant I had 8 weeks of no running and then had to return slowly and carefully. The company organising the challenge were very sympathetic and I was given those 8 weeks back to complete the challenge which I have now done in 50 weeks, thus achieving it within the year. I am proud that I managed to complete the challenge, I’ve never done anything like it before and am now onto my next one, the South West coastal path. Although this too is a virtual challenge, I will be able to combine it with some real life running too as I live on part of the route. Its nice to have a little running challenge which isn’t a race or run every day month challenge.

As I have had some time in the evenings, I have been catching up on my reading as I have several unfinished books at present. I did finish Make Time this week, an engaging read, but I felt it would be have been more effective as a long article or short book. It is written in a nice, friendly style and contains good advice. I’ve been reading and sipping my herbal teas in the evenings. My Pukka advent calendar has made me a huge Pukka fan and the evening ritual of a herbal cup of tea when everything has been done, is one I am continuing with relish this year. I discovered the Love blend a couple of weeks ago and its made it to my number 1 tea slot!

On Saturday afternoon, my son and I went to our local cinema to see the new Spiderman movie. They have started doing matinees and its so easy to walk the 5 minutes into town and enjoy a film. I’m not a big super hero fan, that’s my son’s speciality, but I really enjoyed the film especially the bit (spoiler alert) when the three spidermen reunited. It was genuinely touching. It reminded me of my early teaching years when Tobey McGuire was the preferred pin up of my pupils and I got to learn lots about him. I used to teach French and German and it was always a task to describe people and their hobbies / job etc.. Tobey was a popular choice. It was interesting to read after, that he no longer acts and hasn’t done for more than 10 years. It was also quite scary to think those pupils who introduced me to Tobey McGuire are now in their 30s!

Despite it being quiet, lots still happened in family life. My daughter went ice skating with the youth club, that was a very late night and some tired peeps the next morning which was a school day. I accompanied my son to Scouts, it was quite a fun night watching them complete the Lego challenge, but it was a cold night outside and took me a while to thaw after! I also got up to date with life admin this week, cards ordered for the coming month, hair and nails done. I like weeks like this when I feel organised and in control.

My weeks … the ones off balance.

These last few weeks were always going to be tough, as my work bestie, confidante, all round top person and job share partner for more than a decade left work on Friday. She’s been such a part of my daily life, we’ve gone through personal and professional highs and lows together and I’m not quite sure how I’ll cope without her come Monday. These last few weeks have been building up to the big goodbye and its been emotional, she’s such an amazing person loved by everybody. We were determined that we would walk out together for the last time on Friday afternoon, we always laughed we would drive out a la Thelma and Louise (obviously without the final act) but instead we walked together sobbing and hugging. The crazy thing is that whilst we won’t see each other daily, she is one of my closest friends and will always be in my life. My leaving gift to her was a print from the movie Thelma and Louise with the words ‘No matter what happens, I’m glad I came with you.’ I ended her leaving speech with this line. With a little creative thinking, we were able to hold a leaving celebration. We chose an outdoors event for Covid safety as we couldn’t risk have our whole team off! One of our local beauty attractions is holding an illuminated trail so we went there after school to do the trail and cake and hot drinks. It was beautiful and such a lovely way to spend time with our team.

Friday was quite simply the crescendo in what has been a crazy fortnight. Both my friend and I have decided to leave the company we work for, the values and ethos are not ones we can share or promote. However as the sole earner in our house, I need to stay in position until I have a new job. I did apply and have an interview for a new position this week but did not get it. It actually came as a relief, as I had misgivings at the interview, something didn’t quite sit right and I have learnt that your gut feeling is probably correct. It was quite a different role to what I am in at present and I think I need to work to my experience and strengths. I am an extremely prepared person and had spent all of last weekend preparing for the interview, pages of notes and research all neatly written and mock questions answered. I also needed to dress for an interview as I had not had one in 17.5 years. A smart outfit was more of a challenge than expected as there were no blazers in stock when I went shopping on Friday! Fortunately the Next next day delivery service came to my rescue and the outfit was sorted. I also needed a pair of court shoes as I didn’t think trainers or Converse pumps would suit the look. I had tried to buy some heels for Christmas but my foot was still swollen from the operation so I was a bit nervous about finding a suitable pair now. The manager in Clarks could not have been more helpful, bringing me so many pairs to try and we did find a pair that fitted. It is so nice to be wearing heels again. My foot has been so bad for around the past 5 years that heels were not an option, so it really is a novelty and one I intend to enjoy lots.

There has been so much going on this fortnight, parents evenings, medical appointments, ill time car break down etc.. that it has felt overwhelming and I know that I’m off kilter. I watched an episode of This Is Us last night and one of the characters talked about being off balance and that is me at present, emotionally I’m a bit all over the place whilst trying to portray the professional and parental front that everything is good. I know I’m wobbling but have simply tried to do the basics, eat healthily, keep up my running and get to bed on time which seems to have kept me on an even keel. Fortunately life has calmed for the moment and its time to look after myself.

This weekend its been lovely to have family times. We went to the local forestry commission, where the girls did the parkrun. It was a slightly different course to the one I did there in October and it was beautiful through the forest and around the lake, a one lapper! It might be my favourite parkrun course I’ve run, although the mild morning and bright sunshine helped too. We then hired bikes and cycled for the rest of the morning before a picnic. Life is all about simple pleasures.

Next week is about fresh starts and looking after myself and my little family. Sometimes you cannot avoid mad, crazy times, but its good when they finish and you can relax a little.

My week … the one with the winter sunshine.

Its been the first full week of term and we’re all getting back into the routines and rhythm of daily life. January always seems such a long month so we’ve been trying to plan something different at the weekends to give us something to look forward to.

My week has been very work focussed and my day off was spent doing a long run as part of my half marathon training and then simply pottering around at home doing some life admin. It is good to have a day like this, its been a long time since my last and my diary looks quite busy in the coming weeks too. I ran as early as I could when the children left for school, it was a rare daylight run as I generally run very early in the morning or at night so in winter these are dark runs. I took advantage of the light to do the lanes, it was a clear bright blue sky and the sunshine was melting the frosted fields, it was an absolutely stunning run. As it was my longest run for nearly 9 months, I did warm down and stretch after and it worked, there were no pain or niggles.

It was decided that this weekend, we would spend some special time with a child each, I had our son, Mr S our daughter. Its nice to have this 1:1 attention and the children had the choice on what they wanted to do. Although Little Miss had a session at the farm, she then went shopping with Mr S. Little Man chose to visit one of his favourite museums, The Aviation museum. It is just a giant playground for him, its all outdoors and is a field of planes where you can climb into the cockpits of all the planes on display and be a pilot. It is also right next to the airport so you can view close up, the planes coming in and going out. Its so close you can wave to the pilots! After a morning here, we went to the neighbouring town for lunch and a little wander around the shops, although not too many shops as my son isn’t too keen! The final thing my son asked for was to visit the Smyths toy superstore on the way home which we did although he did feel he was a bit grown up for a lot of things now. It was a lovely SaM day, this is our special name for our son and mum day, perfectly finished off with a curry and all the trimmings for dinner with us all back together around the kitchen table.

Its another ordinary week next week, I need to pop over to ‘big’ town on my day off for an appointment so it’ll be nice to potter around too and see if the Spring stock is in shops yet. I do worry if it’ll be quite eerie now the big M&S has closed and there’ll sadly be no food treats to take home which has always been a thing if we were in town. We also need to plan our weekend surprise next weekend, I’m wondering if we can combine a trip out and some parkrun tourism, we’ll see what the week holds.

My week … the one with an inspiring watch

And just like that, Christmas was over and the new year began. The week did feel a little disorientating with an extra bank holiday on Monday. We hadn’t planned anything for Monday, just getting ready for the week and maybe a little walk. However, at lunchtime we got a call from the local vaccination clinic inviting the children in early for their second vaccinations and offering a spot in the afternoon. We took this invitation and headed over to the big town, it was so smooth and easy although the children were disappointed by the lack of lollipops. The clinic is next to the football stadium, so we took a walk around and popped into the shop. My son got a new calendar and I got a superb bobble hat with a rainbow pompom, I love it!

Tuesday saw the return ish to school, my son and I returned on Tuesday but due to the LFT testing, my daughter not until Friday. She has missed a surprising number of school days due to this staggered return to school over the past year and there haven’t been any lessons or work set in this period. I took her over the farm where she helps out on Thursday to give the day more focus and structure, this also freed up Saturday. As we had nothing planned, I decided to do a little parkrun tourism and visit a new parkrun in the county. The weather was wicked, rain, wind and so cold yet it turned into one of those life affirming and positive mornings. Everyone was so friendly and chatty. I saw my first ever 500 t-shirt and as an added bonus someone was completing their 500th parkrun too, that’s such commitment I also got to say the catchphrase from the With Me Now podcast, so despite the weather it was a great morning run.

I was sad to hear that when I was listening to Marathon Talk that the next episode, 600 will also be their last. Despite never having run a marathon, I’ve listened to the podcast for years and its a great pod on all things running. One of the original presenters Tom was back on guest presenting a few weeks ago and the interview this week was with one of their old regulars too. With those two featuring, its been a nice and nostalgic ending to one of the original podcasts. I’ll be sad to listen to the final podcast, I hope Tony comes back too!

A couple of weeks ago on Marathon Talk, the film the Rescue was highly recommended and I noticed it was on Disney+. Mr S and I sat down to watch it last night and were totally transfixed, it was an incredible watch on the discovery and rescue of the Thai boys stuck in a cave. It was documentary film, with real images of the time. I had a little cry at the end, its so emotional and I have such a deep respect for the deep sea cave divers whose hobby saved 13 lives.

One of my #22for22 is to write a few positive lines daily and I bought the rainbow book to do this. So far I’ve recorded 3 things daily and its telling me what I probably have always known, its the little things in life which make life sparkle, a clear and star filled sky, a good run, playing a game with my son.