A Few of My Favourite Things … No 2 My Pink Silk Dress


I love this dress, after my wedding dress it is my favourite dress ever. The special events are woven into its fabric and even buying the dress has a story attached! I bought the dress a few days before Christmas in December 2000, I needed, fancied a new dress for the Christmas party at Mr S’ golf club and dashed to the shops on the afternoon of the party. It was a lovely time in my life and definitely a very special season of Christmas sparkle, it was our first Christmas in our new house, my Nan was spending what would be her last Christmas with our family and Mr S and I got engaged.

When I walked into Monsoon I saw the dress and loved it. It was the only one I tried on and it fitted perfectly, when I went to pay for it, it had been marked down to half price! On leaving the shop, I was so excited and happy and I bumped into my favourite ever football player. Now the night before I had been at the derby match, which we had won so I was still ecstatic about the result and despite generally being quite calm and collected I turned into a star struck fan, all I could say to him was how well he had played the night before and that he was my favourite player. After all these years, Scott Murray remains my favourite City player, at least I got to tell him!!

I wore the dress to the golf party and felt amazing in it, it just skimmed where it needed to and despite its simple looks it is flattering and looks beautiful on. A couple of months later, I needed a dress for our engagement party, I knew my pink dress was the perfect choice and again felt wonderful wearing it. This dress has always been my go to dress, I have so many photos of it in amazing places, at a restaurant overlooking Sydney Opera House, on my 30th birthday at the London Eye and the Ritz hotel, swaying in the breeze on a Caribbean island. It can be dressed up or down with a pretty cardigan or denim jacket, flip flops or strappy sandals. If I was to choose one dress to symbolise the happy, sparkly me it would be this dress, my beautiful fuscia pink silk dress sprinkled with a few sparkly sequins.


Little Sparkles

It’s been a nice and easy week, routines flowing smoothly and everyone where they should be at the right time. Magic! I’ve had a little potter in the big town and it’s been unseasonably sunny and warm all week, simple things make me happy.  Sunday saw a family trip out to a local museum which was excellent and with a fantastic gift shop, I really enjoyed the day.


I was quite relieved to read the Virgin London Marathon commiserations email this week. I only ever want to do one marathon and London is the dream. However as it will be my only marathon I want it to be the best experience ever. My running at the moment is purely recreational, three times a week with no real plans in place and if I had got a place I would have needed to devote everything to it. I’m not sure that in the next 6 months I would be able to do that, I would have if I had got a place but perhaps it’s time to get into the best possible shape and break the 2 hour half marathon before the ultimate challenge.

I also read and re read the Letterbox contact letters I wrote to the children’s birth family. Its an annual job but it doesn’t get any easier  trying to find the right tone and words.



Little Miss lost her first tooth this week and listening to her excitedly reading aloud her letter from the tooth fairy was priceless. The letter went to school and was read out to Grandma on the phone too. Little Miss’ reaction to the tooth fairy visit was just perfect.

I also listened to Stevie Wonder’s Songs on the Key of Life. It’s the perfect Summer album so on my journey to big town with the sun streaming through the window I played it at full blast, what a stunning album.

WP_20151001_009 (5)
The view on the ferry, listening to Songs in the Key of Life. Stunning.


Strictly Come Dancing is my absolute favourite television programme and nothing makes me happier on television; the costumes, make up, dancing and atmosphere are perfect viewing. I was so excited for its return and it didn’t disappoint. My early favourites are Jay, Anita, Katie, Peter and Ainsley. I also caught up on the iPlayer with SCD It Takes Two, the perfect fanzine. I was particularly interested in the costume segment as I thought they were stunning.


Amazingly, I made risotto for the first time ever this week. I enjoy cooking and make a lot of rice dishes but have never made risotto. I’ve no idea why I’ve never tried it before, I think I was worried it was a little complicated but it was simple to make and delicious.

I also made a retirement card for my Dad. He retired on Wednesday after more than 50 years working, which is simply amazing. He has always had such a strong work ethic that it’ll be strange to see him pottering around at home. We phoned him on his last morning at work, the children said they would be looking forward to him being there to play with them when they come to visit, I’m looking forward to that too.


WP_20151001_011 (5)

Whilst its not so much wearing I did try on lots of clothes on my shopping trip, the beauty of a child free trip gave me the time to experiment and put together different pieces. I’m trying to develop my look, it needs to be casual and fit in with my life style. I wear jeans for work but at other times am not really a trousers girl, my legs are a bit short so I tend to stick with skirts, tunics and dresses with leggings or thick tights. I ended up with a new White Stuff skirt and v neck black jumper to be paired with the obligatory leggings. I also bought a cute pair of Converse pumps, I love my winter boots but it’s nice to have something a little lighter too. I find it difficult to find a comfortable and flattering flat leather shoe so I’m hoping the pumps will be a winner.WP_20151002_001 (5)

I’ve also worn new make-up, buying a new foundation and lip stick from Benefit on the ‘big town’ shopping trip. I had booked a treatment at the Benefit salon and am well impressed by my eye brows.