Christmas 🎄 Day Sparkles âœ¨

This week rather than do a week of Little Sparkles I’m focusing on the big day itself, Christmas Day. I’m hoping these are the memories which will warm my heart when I’m a little, old lady in my cosy retirement home. Christmas Day is busy and intense although you never really feel it until the late evening when you finally sit down to relax. We spent Christmas Eve night listening out for little sounds thus making a poor night’s sleep and then it’s finally a 6am wake up call.


Mr S and I work hard together to get the presents right. It really is a shared job and he has done numerous shopping trips to big town to buy the bigger items. I’ve had the fun job of the stockings, sometimes it’s the little things which bring great joy. A multi purpose pen, consisting of a ruler, spirit level. screw driver and pen was a surprise hit and my old iPhone with a SIM card and a data allowance was the tops! Little Miss is very style conscious now so she has clothes, footwear and make up whilst Little Man loves his new army game mat and scooter. After lunch we scooted down to the skate park to try new tricks and flicks. It was a beautiful, bright day and a walk was a much needed break for us all.

For the first time this year we received presents from Little Miss bought with her pocket money savings. They were lovely and she was so thoughtful in her choices. She bought her brother crayons in the shape of Lego bricks. Mr S a little jar of sand and I received some wooden tree decorations. All gifts were very appreciated.

Christmas Dinner

I know it may be an unfashionable comment but I love preparing the Christmas dinner. I read Good Food Vegetarian magazine and plan my menu carefully in advance. On the the day I enjoy being in a kitchen full of Christmas flavours and warmth with the Christmas morning show playing on Classic FM. This years menu is as follows

As well as the food, I like to make an effort with our table decorations, the table should be as inviting as the meal. This year our table looked like this …

The little Christmas pud has a chocolate hidden inside and is a hand knitted decoration bought at the Christmas market. As well as the Santa cutlery holders I also had a similar design of reindeers. Setting off the table was a flower arrangement made by our neighbour and Little Miss on Christmas Eve.

A Christmas Outfit

I like to plan a special outfit for Christmas Day and this year wore a pleated ombré skirt and simple navy top. The snowflake slippers were a sale bargain which I unexpectedly found when I did the Christmas food shop on Monday. When we went out for our walk I swapped the slippers for a pale pair of Converse pumps which matched well. For much of the morning I was also wearing my Snowman apron.

Christmas Day activities

Christmas Day is so much more than presents and after an early start we enjoyed a relaxed morning. Mr S went to collect Grandad from a local hotel. Initially I felt a bit sad that he was staying at a hotel but we really saw his frailty this holiday. I do understand that we are noisy and lively and he needed quiet and a space to relax. When he arrived mid morning, our neighbours also popped over with presents and another friend passed by too. I love this little buzz of friendship and sharing the love at Christmas. We FaceTimed my parents so they could join in our celebration too.

With some tech presents there was some time needed to be spent on setting up a Fitbit account and a Google Mini but this wasn’t too long, technology is simple these days. With Little Man having a new scooter and skateboard, it was inevitable that we would spend some time at the Skate park. With Grandad too frail to go out, I took the children out for a walk and scoot whilst Mr S finished tidying the kitchen and his Dad could relax.

We didn’t switch on the television until the children had gone to bed and Mr S and I could settle down to Gavin and Stacey. We used to love this series and bought the box set years ago, probably the only one we ever had. I was genuinely excited by the 10 year reunion and it didn’t disappoint. I love that the show’s humour is built on its ordinariness, creating funny moments from the things families and friends do. As with the best of comedies there were poignant moments too and very identifiable situations. The cliffhanger was so unexpected, we need more Gavin and Stacey please.

There were only two programmes I wanted to watch over the holiday, The Tiger Who Came to Tea and Gavin and Stacey and they were both wonderful Christmas viewing

I loved our Christmas Day it had special moments but was just a day when I felt surrounded by love.


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