My week of Sparkles ✨

After all the lovely Christmas feels last weekend, this was quite a different week with a General election. Whatever your politics, an election isn’t a festive addition to December. However despite the week we had a special day today which really was full of sparkles.

Whilst we love to do things as a family, we also take time to take the children out individually on a trip of their choice for some special 1:1 time. Today was a SAM (Son and mummy) day and Little Man had chosen to visit the aviation museum by the regional airport. This was a hidden gem of a museum, entry of £3 manned by the most gorgeous and friendly volunteers and a brilliant experience. It’s mainly outdoor and you can explore and sit in the cockpits of a huge variety of aircraft. It was just the most amazing playground for Little Man. We waved as the planes in the airport landed and took off on the runway next to us, listened in to the air traffic communications, tried to land a plane via a simulator, dressed up as pilots and just had the best time. We’ll definitely be returning in the summer with a picnic for more fun.

After the museum, we drove into the nearby town for lunch and to potter around.

One of the features of the town is it’s beautiful priory church and I wanted to pop in to light a candle and take a few minutes to think of someone very special and loved. By a beautiful coincidence a choir was practicing for their concert this evening and the church was filled with the sound of Handel’s Messiah. It was a special moment and gave me an unexpected feeing of peace whilst reflecting.

After our visit to the church we picked up a few Christmas presents and came home to a family curry night. With the Strictly final our viewing tonight, it’s been a really sparkly day.


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