My fortnight of Little Sparkles ✨ November 15th 2019


So here we are in November, the wettest , dreariest of months, although thankfully we have the anticipation of the twinkly lights of December. It’s been a fortnight of ordinary but a friend and I whom I met for a coffee recently both decided that ordinary is sometimes a wonderful and comforting feeling.

Time for some little sparkles …

1. A new play park. The play park at our parkrun country park has now been opened and looks great. I love the eco feel to it and there are beautiful animal wood carvings on the structure. Unfortunately the weather was pretty yucky after our parkrun so we came home to dry out and warm up. We’ll be back soon to explore.

2. New nails. Well not quite as these are my real nails, no extensions here but I finally booked in and had my nails done 💅🏼 at a nail bar. I like the colour as I’m not a pink nails type of girl and wanted something more seasonal. I’m so impressed how well they’ve lasted, I’ll be back for more.

3. An art homework. We’re settling into homework routines and this week I think I may have enjoyed Little Miss’ homework more than her. It was a collage of an environment linked to a previous homework. Little Miss needed to recreate a summer meadow and we flicked through magazines for suitable images. Whilst the work is hers and I’ve not done any of the creative task, it was nice to flick through magazines and been reminded of those lovely summer days

4. Bobble Hats. I love a bobble hat in winter and have many variations, grey, pink and purple are among my favourites. What better way to disguise a bad hair day with a bright happy hat.

5. Festive hot chocolates. We love in a town with no coffee chains, yep these towns do exist and we all love our independent coffee shops. However a trip to big town for a little Christmas browsing meant we could try the new Costa festive hot chocolates. I had gingerbread and Little Miss Black Forest hot chocolate. Both were delicious and just the right thing for a crisp November afternoon.

6. Reading a book. After being poorly at half term I have tried to make time to relax at the end of the day. This month I have read every evening in bed and it’s definitely helped me to wind down. The book The last anniversary is by one of my new favourite writers Liane Moriarty and an excellent read. It features family relationships, a little bit of a whodunnit and romance.


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