#19for2019 No.19 Carve a Pumpkin ðŸŽƒ

Whilst this is my number 19 on my list, it’s not my last done as many of my 19 are works in progress. This was a quick win too, unlike my annual 12k daily steps average quest this was a simple hour long task, I was just waiting for the correct date, October 31st, Halloween.

For the last few years since the children have been able to carve their pumpkins independently, I’ve missed the fun, so I decided to do my own this year. I chose a simple idea, a design themed on day of the dead 💀. Normally we have a few days build up to Halloween with decorations and spooky activities planned during half term, however as we were away all the activities were done for October 31st. We decorated in the morning, did a haunted walk in the nature reserve in the afternoon and carved the pumpkins in the evening. I do like the anticipation and build up to special events but given our busy week it was the perfect scenario for this week.

I enjoyed carving the pumpkin, listening to some spooky music and being a little creative. It’s another #19for2019 ticked off but definitely one to keep up in future years.


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