#19for2019, no. 10 Wear my Watermelon 🍉 skirt.

Wear my watermelon skirt sounds like a very easy task, but it required hard work! This skirt has been sitting in my wardrobe since I bought it about 5 years ago (and still remains one of my best bargains, ever) I loved it and promised myself I would be slim enough to wear it next summer, fast forward 5 years and I finally got to twirl around in this gorgeous skirt this summer.

Late in 2018 I realised I had to take control of my weight as it had slowly increased and with a size 16 becoming too tight I couldn’t go to an 18. I was also feeling uncomfortable, frumpy and big. I’ve worked hard this year, joining ww and taking up running again and now my size 12 skirt fits but most importantly I feel more myself and living the life I want to. This skirt is a symbol of the happy and healthy me.


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